Quote of the day—Larry Correia @monsterhunter45

Talking about the new brace rules I just had some tough guy on FB tell me “who cares what the ATF says?”


Everybody with a flammable house and a non-bulletproof dog should care. This is not an agency known for its calm nuanced approach.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45
Tweeted on January 13, 2023
[He has a way with words*.

One of the comments included this suggestion:


I can see that having some merit.

But I’m inclined to think you need an underground bunker with neighbors who can support you from the woods a half mile away. You keep the dog inside because the wolves and grizzlies would eat it instead of the unfriendly visitors camping out on your lawn.—Joe]

* I’m currently listening to his book, #1 in Customer Service The Complete Adventures of Tom Stranger. His humor probably isn’t for everyone but I think it is really funny.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Larry Correia @monsterhunter45

  1. Dog shaped claymore, too funny. Something tells me the ATF doesn’t have enough people for that kind of enforcement though.
    Not that they won’t try. As nothing is stopping the egos running government. Like Hitler in his bunker commanding divisions he no longer had.
    The idea that there is close to 30 million of these things in private hands doesn’t give one pause? 30 million?
    Know what 30 million armed people do? ANY F–KING THING THEY WANT. ATF, entire government and military be damned. Want that government to go? It’s gone.
    30 million, And they don’t even know where to start. Because almost no one will tell them where there at by registering them.
    This crap is hilarious!

  2. I don’t do audio books, any info if it will be available at some point in text (e-book or print)?

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