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You have no “checks and balances” of power in your country unless you have an armed citizenry to counteract an armed State.

This is what the UK doesn’t understand.

Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith
Tweeted on January 4, 2022
[Or, perhaps the people in power do understand and prefer there not be checks and balances on their power.

I’m of the opinion the U.S. should sanction countries which infringe upon the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. But, I will grant we need to do far more in our own country before we have the moral highroad on the issue.—Joe]


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  1. “Checks and balances” isn’t a Constitutional concept in other countries. As a general rule, the national goverments elsewhere have complete power; any liberties the subjects have come only from the discretion of the government (and, perhaps, the fear of revolution). The UK government is a case in point, but the same can be found in other countries. The notion of a national government with limited, enumerated, powers is a US invention, and as far as I know it is to be found no place else.

  2. Like you say Joe, they understand very well. That’s just tyranny101. American communists missed that step, and it will prove their undoing.
    As we see the culture turning away from that particular brand of ignorance.
    But you just can’t be all the tyrant you can be, without gun control.
    We as a people should never give a second thought to politicians that try to enact gun control. They are criminals. And need only be made examples of.

    • I’m not sure they missed that step. They tried, but so far haven’t succeeded and hopefully won’t in the future either. At least not outside benighted places like NYC and Chicago and Hawaii.

  3. LOL! Sanction countries like the UK that infringe on rights!!!! That’s hilarious.
    The ugly reality is that the people who have seized power in DC are actively working to make the USA even WORSE than places like Canada and the UK when it comes to Rights. TINVOWOOT

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