Quote of the day—Joe Patrice

There are two kinds of lawyers in this world: the ones who understand Bruen as an unprecedented and ahistorical Supreme Court power grab rewriting the Second Amendment to create an individual right to gun ownership over and above the power of the states, and the ones who collect fees from gun dealers and manufacturers.

Joe Patrice
January 4, 2023
Lawyer Challenging NY Gun Regulations Accidentally Says Quiet Part Out Loud
[And then there is the type of lawyer that couldn’t make it in the legal profession and now demonstrates why by writing ill-informed opinion pieces and/or deliberate lies.

There are so many profoundly wrong things in this post that I have to believe he either did not read the Heller and Bruen decisions and/or he is deliberately lying.*—Joe]

* A third possibility is the sky is a different color in his universe.


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  1. Along with the many other things wrong with Joe Patrice’s comment, he assumes that all the lawyers in the world are Americans.

    Granted, the U.S. has about 50% of the world supply of lawyers… which may be part of the problem.

    • We have the right to petition the Government for the redress of grievances, and our Government obliges by supplying us with the grievances. That’s at least one source of the demand for lawyers, for which a free market provides the supply.

      Other countries supply the grievances, but don’t recognize the right to appeal, or allow only limited appeals. So, there’s not as much market demand for lawyers because there isn’t as much for them to do. The effort is better spent dodging taxes and working with the black market to simply ignore the government as much as possible.

      • That’s a good line. I’ll remember that and make proper attribution, too.

  2. Patrice is the equivalent of the little kid who doesn’t want to hear his parent’s admonishments, so pokes his fingers in his ears and hollers, “Nah nah nah….”

    Hochul is another one (of many) who are so dumbfounded that the 2A really means what it says, that they just can’t grasp that whatever scheme they try to concoct to nullify it will meet with defeat. They will just. never. give. up.

  3. And once again we see the wild machinations about the first half of the 2A. And absolutely ignores the second half.
    The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
    Not once did he distinguish between militia and people. Even though both groups are mentioned in the rule for a reason. Nor dare mention the word infringement. And the stranglehold it places on ALL government.
    I guess it would be to much to ask modern lawyers to pass minimum reading skills?
    Of course if he had those, he would know he doesn’t have a case. And is in fact in violation of several laws that could get him imprisoned, fined, and disbarment.
    And that’s if there’s any civility left in America when him and his friend come to trial.
    First thing to do, is hang all the lawyers. I believe Shakespeare said?
    How’s that for historical!

  4. There are 2 kinds of lawyers:

    1) Those who have read the constitution and consider it to be the rules of the game, which are (for the most part) plainly written.

    2) Those who have read the constitution and consider it an impediment which they must argue away to get what they want.

    I suppose both are correct.

    • Patrice falls in the latter category; he gets his money from the anti-liberty crowd who view the constitution as an impediment.
      Sometimes I think there needs to be a fourth branch of government whose sole function is to question the constitutionality of laws. They can start with the Agencies, whose authorization is not found anywhere in the Constitution.

  5. He is wrong. Gun Owners of America who has been doing the heavy lifting in the courts, and even the big bad NRA itself get their money from the grass roots buyers of guns who see them as a means to protect them from government overreach and abuse by the government’s allies, the thugs and street criminals whose presence and tolerance by the Attorneys General and District Attorneys is solely to provide a bogeyman for the ordinary citizen to fear and to petition the government for protection from at any cost of liberty or treasure.

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