Quote of the day—John R. Lott Jr. and Holly Sullivan

A woman carrying a concealed handgun reduces the murder rate for women by about three to four times more than a man doing the same.

And this message is getting across to women. Between 2012 and 2022, in states that provide data by sex, permits for concealed handguns increased 115% more quickly among women than among men. The percentage of women who say that gun ownership protects people from crime has also been growing faster than their male counterparts.

The high cost of permits disarms the very people who most need protection, including minorities who live in high-crime urban areas.

John R. Lott Jr. and Holly Sullivan
December 20, 2022
Why aren’t stalked women ever told to get a gun for self-defense?
[To answer the question, my hypothesis is that one or both of the following are the reason:

  1. Government employees have a vested interest in having more people dependent upon them.
  2. Predators are advising the women and prefer easier prey.

As pointed out in the above quote, women are getting it figured out and responding appropriately.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John R. Lott Jr. and Holly Sullivan

  1. In 1&2 you provide motives for gun controls actions. All good. But It seems for the rank and file communist to be a bit over-thought.
    Theirs reasoning seems more knee-jerk solid brain washed programming. Guns/bad/government only.
    And once again solid work from Professor Lot and company!

  2. Cue the replies that John Lott is an NRA-paid hack, and not a leans-libertarian-but-mostly-neutral economist who is just reporting what the numbers actually say.

    The comments that are there talk about how even if the lady in the article had a gun and a CCW license it probably wouldn’t have helped, since she was murdered in her own bedroom. Sour grapes, anyone?

    (Even if true in this case, that doesn’t automatically mean that no stalked woman could ever be helped by having a gun and CCW license. Not to mention that Connecticut requires training and a certificate of eligibility before someone can purchase a gun, so unless she jumped through those hoops she couldn’t even have a gun in her home.)

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