Moving the Overton Window

This no surprise to anyone in the gun rights community, but it is still irritating:

Lamont seems intent on executing his plan to reclassify peaceable Connecticut residents lawfully exercising their constitutional rights as felons. His example illustrates very clearly what the reassurances of gun control advocates are worth and how anyone who thinks its safe to rely on such reassurances will be in for a rude awakening.

Indeed, the month after Lamont announced his intentions, an editorial in the Connecticut Mirror argued that constitutional assurances the right to keep and bear arms will be protected should themselves be repealed. “It is time to talk about repealing the Second Amendment,” the author insisted. But he made it clear that his plan wasn’t necessarily an alternative to incrementalism but a potential aid to it. “[T]he very existence of a loud argument about the larger issue of repeal will make those incremental proposals seem more moderate, and therefore ultimately more achievable,” the editorialist wrote.

Never forget, the only reason for gun registration is confiscation.


5 thoughts on “Moving the Overton Window

  1. This is a standards communist technique.
    1) Demand something extremely far left, then compromise and settle on a “moderate middle.”
    2) Redefine the new compromise as an insane hard-right extreme position.
    3) Agitate for an even more extreme far left position.

    Repeat steps 1-3 as often as needed.

  2. The only reason for Registration is Confisgation. The late night knock on the door. They are not even bothering with a fairy tale about why they are doing it. They already don’t arrest and prosecute the gang-bangers that they stumble into. At Twitter they banned people who told jokes they didn’t like to a few family and friends. If the jokster had a gun, OMG. Once they have a list, they will have to act, lest you tell a nasty (to Leftists) joke. If they have a list, they will Have to use it.

  3. “Lamont seems intent on executing his plan to reclassify peaceable Connecticut residents lawfully exercising their constitutional rights as felons.”
    And this is the exact problem with the NRA-ILA and allowing the communists to control the narrative.
    Once again, you have no rights under the constitution to exercise. But the governor has clearly violated the law under the 2A that defines his authorized actions as governor. Maybe the NRA-IRA should be reminding him he is the criminal? And that those actions carry criminal penalties?
    And that he has no standing under the law except those of a felon before the court!
    “Anything in any law or constitution of any state to the contrary is notwithstanding.”
    If you wouldn’t put up with the local drug cartel stealing your firearms. You should have no problem telling your non-governor’s cartel the same. He’s NOT-WITH-STANDING, he’s not a governor, he’s a felon!
    And he’s conspiring to steal your property under the color of law.

  4. Overton window? Despite gun-controls best efforts. It seems to be moving to the side of freedom.
    Barring that, I say we push them out of it.

  5. Coexistence with the left is simply not possible. The sooner we accept that reality and act upon it the better. Failure to act on this reality and act correctly WILL result in our total enslavement and for many of us our death. Because that is the ultimate goal of the left.

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