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While the wheels of justice do grind slowly, in this case I foresee them crushing the state of California’s gun control ambitions.

December 15, 2022
Judge Benitez’s Latest Order in Miller v. Bonta Sets the Stage for Taking Down California’s Assault Weapons Ban
[I expect things will be slow for months or perhaps a year or two then speed up. But the chances of gun control being crushed is quite high.

It’s the trials, and/or the threat of prosecution, which will really speed things up… if they actually start happening.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—LKB

  1. Until the politicians are held to account personally, states like California will continue to at least try to pass gun control laws faster than the courts can rule them unconstitutional.

  2. It’s almost humorous watching the desperate work-arounds in the law. Gun control/confiscation is the most important component of the communist’s putsch.
    They failed. Satan will not be happy.

  3. When you rely on courts and judges to prevent the left from implementing their agenda eventually you WILL lose. Because eventually the left WILL replace judges who don’t support them with judges who WILL. They already control the majority of judges. The rest are targeted for replacement….along with District Attorneys that will also support the lefts agenda.

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