Quote of the day—Ryan Busse

We still depend on hundreds of laws that keep guns out of crowded public places, stop teenagers from buying handguns, and prohibit criminals from arming themselves with assault rifles. Now, because of a recent Supreme Court ruling, many of these remaining regulations are in danger of being dismantled.

Ryan Busse
December 14, 2022
One Nation Under Guns
[Who does he think he is fooling? Do bans on recreation drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) stop teenagers from buying them? Have background checks increased public safety? No.

If he is actually alarmed by the “dismantling” of these laws it because his intent of the laws is something other than public safety.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ryan Busse

  1. If they are relying on ineffective and misdirected laws to accomplish the goals mentioned, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the wrong approach. Laws only work if you actually enforce them and prosecute those who break them. How often does that happen? Most gun law infractions performed by actual bad guys get plea bargained away on the path to a no bail release. The only guys that get prosecuted is typically some 65 year old vet who has the bad luck of living in a blue district.
    The fact (conveniently ignored, or buried, by the left) is that those laws have little to no effect on actual crime. Talk about the “big lie” – the mass public buys into it all the time, hence these Draconian and unconstitutional referendums.

  2. “We still depend on hundreds of laws that keep guns out of crowded public places.”
    It appears we have a new definition of insanity?
    Poor Ryan has completely lost his grip on reality. (He should run for congress, he would fit right in!)
    Why would anyone want to keep firearms out of crowded public places? It’s the only thing keeping those places safe.

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