Quote of the day—Thomas DiLorenzo

The Left considers the fight over free speech to be a political death struggle, and they are right about that.  If anything deserves to be strangled in its crib it is the Left’s current assault on the First Amendment.

Thomas DiLorenzo
December 9, 2022
Why the Left Must Destroy Free Speech – or Be Destroyed
[That is what I would call, “A good start.”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thomas DiLorenzo

  1. Ridding ourselves of communists is always a good thing. But they seem to be doing a wonderful job of committing suicide on their own.
    I mean, how long do things actually work with retards running them?
    Show me one communist in DC right now that is actually doing something that will work?
    Sam the cross-dressing baggage thief, and Racheal the fat-ass trans-gender health admiral are not going to keep this country going. Despite how much Kamela would like it to.
    The insanity may keep going for a while. But the outcome is carved in stone.
    Communists/communism only destroys. And that event horizon is almost here.
    Their attack on the first amendment is the work of desperation and stupidity.
    Strangling it in its crib would be nice and save a lot of lives. But their committing suicide faster than you could murder them.
    I’m just glad they’re making themselves so easy to spot. In case they actually make it necessary to….. you know,,,,do that.

  2. There is another lesson that must be learned about Socialists/Progressive/Communists/Democrats/RINOs and it has been proven successful for over a century. That lesson is that the common philosophy at the base of all these fronts is the desire for power and control at any cost. History has shown the pursuit of this philosophy to be very successful. There is no care or concern for anyone person or group that is not at the top of the pyramid and even then, that is not a certainty. Forty million people slaughtered in the past century is only a slow start. The current baseline they desire is no more than 700 million people on the entire planet. That is 9 of 10 people dead. Why is the United States being so savaged? Because it is the one proven example that personal liberty and freedom makes it impossible for the control addicted to have any power, whether here or anywhere else in the world. Will this philosophy ultimately fail? Yes. Do they care? No. Why? Because the real leaders of this movement are truly blinded by their desires and believe they can survive and control the great unwashed. Civil War II? Bring it on. They won’t personally be engaged in it or anywhere near it. The more people that are killed off, the easier they think it will be to maintain control. The leaders of this evil philosophy are not stupid but they are doing everything possible to keep as many people as possible from figuring that out. Don’t get sucked in. Do what you can to stop the progression of this evil. Evil will never disappear if ignored. It will only expand.

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