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  1. Yes, thank you. I’ve been trying to get this concept across for 20+ years, and apparently it’s juuuust now beginning, in isolated quarters, to stick.

    You can believe that the (leadership of the) left consists of stupid, ignorant and bumbling hypocrites only if you fail to understand, or you’re simply unwilling to believe, their objectives. The problem with this state of being is that they’ve already told us their objectives, openly on occasion, and they continue to tell us, such that, if we are to be counted as fools then we are both willing and active in our foolishness. Willing because we don’t want to believe them, and active because we put forth effort to reject the truth when it’s presented to us (it’s just too crazy).

    Likewise you can believe that the Republicans are all, and forever, either stupid and cowardly, or ineffectual for any of a host of ever-persistent reasons, only if you believe that they’re truly your ideological friends or brethren. One would hope that by now, after several generations of repeated, strong evidence punctuated by occasional objective proofs indicating the contrary, we’d just about be starting to re-think all of our past assumptions about them being our friends. But they’re so damned GOOD at it! We cannot simultaneously believe that they are stumbling, bumbling, incurable cowards, AND that they know what they’re doing and are quite good at it. So we pick the former because it gives us hope for their reformation. “If only we could educate them, or grow some balls for them…”

    So our belief, or hope, in man is binary, with no room for a transitional middle ground. Either we understand that men are corruptible, and indeed corrupt, and that corruption allowed in any dose will grow into mass destruction and mass murder every time, for sure, or we believe that our only hope is in divine intervention, judgement and redemption. And while we are urged, from all directions and a multitude of sources, to learn about and adopt the former mindset, which is highly exalted, we can learn about the latter only by rejecting all of that and looking to one, single, maligned and impugned source, and then being ridiculed for taking it seriously.

    Which is easier? Scientifically then, statistically, which is the more likely to take hold?

    Therefore (and this has already happened over and over again in other revolutions), some would have to be arrested, and literally shot, by the leader of their own Party, and they’d still not take that final leap to realize that we are, and have been all along, lied to by knowing, willing, planning, scheming and coordinated liars. That sense of utter confusion and exasperation echoes down to us from past generations of those who were just as blind, just as unwilling to let go of their mindset, as we are now;

    “I tell you, this is a mistake!” They all said, each one of them, individually, “I’ve always been a faithful supporter of the Party! Just ask Bob [Bob stands for any well-known, presumed friend of the Party, who knows of your contributions]; he’ll tell you! Please!”
    They shot Bob first. Bob is the one who gave them your name and serial number.

    Of course this time around it will be done (is being done) using state-of-the-art technology, and not quite so much with actual bullets as in the past. But the classic methods and tools are still attractive.

    • I am all for educating them, too. we overlook two things at our own peril.
      1. We presume they are amenable to education changing their outlook. This presupposes they have a better nature.
      2. When you educate someone you have to speak in their own language, the language they understand. We’ve seen from the 2020 uprisings in the various cities, and the continued incarceration of the January 6th unarmed “insurrectionists” that they do not understand English, or even language, in the manner we and most human beings do. Sad to say, but violence is the only language they understand and communicate in. That being said, if the supporters of liberty strike the first defensive blow, the reaction will make the reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse look like approval. And there are many Liberals who aren’t paying attention and will believe everything the Leftists tell them.

      I pray that it comes to the point that the Leftists are all given a fair trial for their crimes against Liberty, Justice and Americanism. As I always say, once the lid of Hell is kicked off, nobody knows what will happen, but it won’t be good.

  2. Don’t know who made the trade decision but it was NOT Pedo Joe.
    The only thing he stives for is a pudding pop, a pubescent kid to sniff
    and to remember to unzip his pants BEFORE taking a piss. He’s is
    nothing but a meat sock puppet.

  3. Ya, I’m pretty sure all that is why firearms sales are setting records for the 20th year in a row.
    And ammo is still in short supply.
    We’ve all been pissed on and spit at enough to know who’s on what side.
    But a huge portion of the country knows something the criminals don’t think much about. It always ends. Clown-world is dying. That prisoner swap proves it’s got one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel.
    Next comes dying time. The only question is the numbers.

  4. One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.
    And someone is running at them.

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