Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

CNN’s constant coverage of what it calls “mass shootings” disguises the fact that these are mass murders. The villains they always call shooters are actually murderers. America’s 100 million gun owners, they’re shooters—decent righteous people practicing, learning, teaching and when needed, defending themselves and others facing violent criminals. Self-defense with guns is absent from CNN but not in real life—a total misinformation and misdirection campaign.

The Associated Press once told me they don’t cover incidents of self defense because they don’t want to inspire copycats. So why do they give massive saturation coverage to mass murderers? I got no answer.

Alan Korwin
November 1, 2022
Most Gun Reporting is a Misinformation Campaign
[I suspect Korwin does have an answer but doesn’t want to say it out loud. The answer will have greater impact if you come to the realization on your own and many people would probably label it as a crazy conspiracy theory.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. Yes. We are compelled to understand that everything the communist says or does is for a communist reason. All the time, 24/7/365.
    Listen to any of several different msm montages where they repeat the same words. And if pointed out to them, not a hint of shame would appear. Even if one could invoke a response from one. They would go right back and do it all over again without missing a beat.
    CNN is just putting a human face to the communist computer bot mentality. Their not humans, they’re property of the state. Mind, body, and soul.
    Treat them any other way at your own peril.

  2. Since when would copycat self-defense be bad? Better not report on charity lest it inspire copycat altruism.

  3. Ok, so copycat self defense is bad and copycat murder is good.

    I suppose that explains why too many modern DAs actively support violent criminals. Consider the case the other day of a guy who pulled a baseball bat out of his pants (!) and clobbered a passer-by on the back of the head. Fortunately his aim was off slightly so the victim didn’t suffer really serious injury or death. Apparently the criminal was arrested, charged with assault (not with attempted murder which obviously it was) and released the next day on $7500 bail. Where? NYC, of course, home of one of the most notorious pro-crime DAs.

  4. If it bleeds it leads…..but only if it serves the lefts agenda.
    Otherwise it gets roundfiled faster than an office request for

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