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What purposes are served (and what risks are run) by allowing possession of assault weapons, by allowing those under 21 to purchase guns or by allowing concealed or open carry of firearms in college classrooms, churches and movie theaters?

One more commonsense point: Even more people with firearms will only make our extreme situation worse. Arming teachers is not an answer. The “good guy with a gun” is a political myth. Only in very rare and unpredictable circumstances does a gun make a person safer — and overwhelmingly more often, the presence of guns makes bad situations tragically worse.

Daniel Claiborn
December 1, 2022
I’m a police psychologist. So many guns, not mental health issues, cause mass shootings
[So many lies and misleading statements in so few words.

I was tempted to just comment, “Citations needed.” But I then realized he was a psychologist. Never mind.—Joe]


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  1. He’s a psychologist. Even if he was a psychiatrist, he’d know their professions’ success in treating mental disorders is somewhat less frequent than that of sympathetic bartenders.

    No wonder he’d rather blame guns.

    • Yep. Also, he’s a police psychologist, NOT a police officer. Even within the department, his profession is enough steps removed from actual firearm use and firearm law/policy that he’s straying well out of his lane to give us his opinion.

  2. I guess those fancy looking papers hanging on his wall don’t mean what they use to?
    What’s he going to tell us next, men can become women and have babies?
    Clown world. It was kind of entertaining when it first started, Now it’s just boring.
    Interesting note. See how he opens the conversion by thinking one should have to justify why you want something?
    “What purpose is served”. I don’t see the purpose in Jeff Bezo’s 400 ft. yacht either. But that isn’t any of my business.
    This constant mindset that somehow they have a right from God to force people to justify things is key in the communist perspective.
    Crush it like a bug every time one see’s it being used. Do it loud and public.
    What purpose does it serve? BFYTW. The look a communist gets on his face will be a precious memory.

  3. Simple explanation: “Police psychologist” engaging in psy-ops against the American people by gaslighting their beliefs on armed citizens.

    (Scare quotes because anyone who feels the need to open their screed with an Appeal to Authority fallacy — “I’m a [insert career]. Listen to MEEEE!” — automatically earns my skepticism.)

    If you want to demonstrate your knowledge of a topic, write clearly and convincingly and provide links, sources, and citations. Just saying, “I’m a [insert career]”, doesn’t carry the same weight as a well-researched article.

    The title of the article may as well be, “I’m a musician. Guns are bad, mmm’kay?”

    • Trust me:
      I’m a Psychiatrist,
      I’m a Psychologist,
      I’m a Judge,
      I’m a Lawyer,
      I’m a Doctor,
      I’m a Politician,
      I’m a Teacher,
      I’m an Economist,
      I’m a Cop,
      I’m a PhD,

      And I know what I’m talking about.”



  4. So he advocates the cops giving up their guns too?

    Because cops are statistically more likely to shoot the wrong person than the common, everyday, citizen; thus making the bad situation tragically worse by killing the good guy with a gun.

    I don’t advocate this, because statistically more likely turns out to also be vanishingly small, just measurable.

  5. I am getting tired of this “Allowing Stuff”. They do not allow anything. My human rights do not require your or anyones permission.

    • Yes. He got it wrong. The government is not allowed to infringe upon the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

    • There are two philosophies about “allowing”.

      1. Nothing is permitted unless allowed.
      2. Everything is permitted unless forbidden.

      One is the philosophy of the tyrant.
      Two is the philosophy of liberty.

      One is when doing something not specified by law is using a “loophole” i.e. the “gun show loophole”.

      Two is when doing something not forbidden by law is you just going about your life/everyday business.

      “I’m a police psychologist” is a petty tyrant who’s pissed his betters are allowing his inferiors to do something he disagrees with.

      • Also: #2 is the Supreme Law of the Land in the USA. #1 is the general practice in the rest of the world.

  6. Women in skimpy clothes cause rape.
    Food causes fat people.
    Car create car accidents.
    Planes cause plane crashes…

    Here’s a truth…
    Politicians are Out for Personal Gain.
    None retire poor.

    This “psychologist”….must have graduated last.

  7. is this ‘police psychologist’ a practicing psychologist who notes disorders or dispenses therapeutic advice to troubled peace officers, or is ths a psychologist who advises well peace officers the better to apprehend troubled criminals? If some of both, let’s look at the position description and compare it to how this psychologist in fact spends a typical work day.

    It matters.

    Is this psychologist Frreudian, Jungian, or other?

    That matters too.

  8. He’s a psychologist. Most people go into psychology or to try to figure out what is wrong with them. An enormous percentage of psychologists are crazy as bedbugs.

  9. Gee, what do you have against psychology?

    I have it on good authority (in this case, something attributed to Richard Feynman) that Physics is just applied Mathematics, Chemistry is just applied Physics, Biology is just applied Chemistry, and Psychology is just straight-up voodoo.

    What do you have against voodoo? 😉

  10. The difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist: The psychologist cannot prescribe drugs but may ask you to have your real doctor write a prescription. The psychiatrist _is_ a real doctor and can write the prescription himself. The psychiatrist spent years longer in much more difficult college courses to get an MD degree, endured an internship (apprenticeship) to qualify for the general MD license, then took more specialized courses in psychiatry. The best psychiatrist in my home town also put himself in the rotation at the emergency room – apparently dealing with the flu and with accident victims was a break from all those crazy people.

    Many psychologists would have flunked out of first-year medical school, either because their intelligence isn’t high enough or because they can’t work as hard as is required. And this particular one sounds like he isn’t even smart enough to know his own limits.

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