Quote of the day—Tracey Wilson (@TWilsonOttawa)

[It is a very dark time for Canadian gun owners.—Joe]


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  1. The tinfoil hat in me thinks this is so the Liberal government will have an easier time of inviting the Chinese into the country when the spawn of Castro sells out the Canadian citizenry. There’s no reason to disarm the people unless to have ill-intent planned.

  2. It could be darkest just before the dawn? Sorry folks, all communists understand is force. And if the Canadian people tell the commies to go f–k themselves?
    Maybe Canada can start to understand that ALL power is inherit in the people.
    And that communists are not government. They’re just thieving, murdering thugs.
    Maybe it’s time for all of north America to wake up to those facts?
    Time for the papered mid-wits of hell to realize they’re the ones in trouble. All they run are a few big cities and a small police force/military.
    Which is no match for the vast uncontrollable territory. The only people you could starve in Canada are city people. And that deprives the communist of his most effective weapon.
    Without control of guns, food and secure supply lines. The communist program is stuck in deep shit.
    No matter where it’s being tried.

  3. This is yet another lesson for what happens when we allow Progressives in our country. They learned long ago that they can accomplish things which we would absolutely never tolerate, so long as they do it incrementally.

    The only defense against Progressivism is fundamentalism, because fundamentalism is the only system of thought which can clearly identify the enemy, and deal with it, long before it gains control of a society. As things are today, most “conservatives” have been trained to hate fundamentalism, and will lash out against it as being “extremism”.

    And so it is that Progressivism needs the “conservative” “pragmatists” (every Republican ever) in order to gain traction, and ultimately succeed.

    So now that the Romish leftists, through Progressivism, practically own our country, and everything in it, you’ll be correct to point out that progressivism in the direction of liberty is a workable system, and I can’t argue against that if we’re discounting divine intervention (in which case we have much to learn). The Progressives would never tolerate a precipitous demolition of their authoritarian, cleptocratic system and the ushering in of liberty and prosperity. Likewise, there’s not a Republican alive who would tolerate a rapid return of the U.S. to her original, constitutional limits, and they would sabotage any such effort.

    And so I suppose, for the moment, the secular libertarians must be satisfied with being the New Progressives for Liberty.

    It will fail though. Because we don’t understand the One Solution, we’ll always avoid Him. Because we don’t understand Him, we can’t see the dual, secular/civic, and religious, nature of the enemy (the dual “mene”, in “Mene, mene, tekel upharsen”) and source of the enemy’s power. It’s starting to come to light however. Keep your eyes open, and listen.

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