Quote of the day—Chris Murphy

They’ve decided they’re going to essentially refuse to implement laws that are on the books. That is a growing problem in this country. And I think we’re going to have to have a conversation about that in the United States Senate. Do we want to continue to supply funding in law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular.

Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator, D-Connecticut.
November 27, 2022
It would be good for ‘a massive cultural shift’ toward European gun control: New York Times columnist
[I have news for Senator Murphy. The courts are agreeing with the law enforcement in those counties. The laws they are refusing to enforce are being declared unconstitutional.

The conversation we need to have is, why aren’t people like Murphy being arrested and prosecuted for their repeated felonies?—Joe]


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  1. His other problem is that the people who he complains about are merely applying the left’s approach in the other direction — with the difference that they also have the Constitution to support what they are doing.

    His goal is “sanctuary for me but not for thee”.

    • Even moreso in the “red flag law” cases because the law itself is discretionary. I assume the Colorado Springs shooting is what prompted this so I’ll mention Colorado’s red flag law specifically.

      It states that family members and law enforcement officers CAN request an Extreme Risk Protective Order, not that they MUST do so. So basically, what the left is saying is that Sheriffs should be punished for exercising the discretion they are specifically granted in the law itself.

      The laws the left loves to ignore have no such discretionary component as far as I’m aware.

  2. Let the Senator know we’re firing up the Wayback Machine so he can go back and apply those rules to all the illegal immigrant sanctuary cities, the cities that allowed or encouraged rioting from BLM/Antifa, the cities defunding the police and/or encouraging more criminal activity by catch-and-release or just plain ignoring criminal activity, and of course to punish those damn dirty racists that resisted desegregation and the Civil Rights Act…

    You know, the DEMOCRATS.

    This is me not holding my breath…

  3. Don’t forget medical marijuana laws, Sanctuary cities for illegals, #resistTrump, and other Federal laws that are ignored in lefty cities

  4. What happened to my country? I was born in 1960, grew up respecting the law, treating everyone the same, obeying the rules, working since the age of 11, and not being a racist, no matter what the liberals would have you to believe.
    Believing in a loving and caring God, not judging anyone for who or how they loved or acted, as long as they did not bother anyone else. Supported America in the world, and was a patriot.
    Now over the course of the last 2-3 decades, suddenly we seem to be the worst nation in the world, even though we have made it possible to feed a world that has gone from 3 billion people when I was born to just turned 8 billion people, with less land used. Our leaders, outside of a businessman, continue to let the world’s other leaders to look down on us and treat us like a third world country, instead of the greatest nation ever devised.
    I am 62, and I fear that the country that I leave for my grandchildren will be even worse than anyone could imagine. I hate the thought of an actual civil war, but at this point, nothing surprises me now.

  5. To take an oath to uphold, defend and protect the constitution of the United States of America is to take upon one’s self personal responsibility for assessing the constitutionality of any law, order or suggestion before honoring it. If that’s not one of the main reasons for having the oath then, pray tell, explain what is.

    But this is not how the enemies of the American principles think. They way they think is, “How can I undermine, compromise, and eventually defeat the American principles of liberty, which I hate?” Therefore our attempts to “educate them” on American principles are always and forever destined to fail. They already understand, and that is precisely why they hate American principles. The more we try to “educate” them, the more they hate our principles and more stupid they see us as being, because unlike us, they know that we’re the ones who fail to understand the nature of the conflict.

    Don’t ever assume that everyone who understands your point of view, or your overall mindset, will agree with it. The story of Cain and Able illustrates this perfectly. Cain was not motivated to murder Able out of a state of confusion about how things were supposed to work. He could have, and did have, open and direct conversations with God. God even gave him ample opportunity to get his mind right on the issues at hand. But no; Cain murdered Able precisely because he did understand and yet hated the whole business. He murdered Able out of envy and jealousy.

    Likewise, those who detest the American principles of liberty (properly understood as the Protestant Christian, or Biblical, principles of liberty), detest them and understand them at the same time. They hate the perfect law of liberty because it deprives them of their greatest desires; authoritarian power, the arbitrary use of coercive force including murder, and wholesale larceny. They hate anything which stands in their way, and they hate the law of liberty all the more because of its unassailable logic and its perfection. These are also, by the way, the exact same reasons why the Pharisees and Sadducees 2K years ago hated Jesus Christ, and did not merely want to kill him, but had to. Either they had to have Jesus done away with, or their entire livelihood, status, title, station and honor, and the system that provided those things, would vanish, and they knew it quite well because they knew the prophesies of Moses, Isaiah and Daniel, etc., and they therefore knew that Jesus was indeed the one spoken of.

    It’s also why todays authoritarians will go to any lengths they see as necessary to protect and maintain their system. And I was reminded just this morning, listening to Shapiro, that the best we seem to have fielded in mass media are universally of the opinion (or they pretend to be) that we need to “educate” the “weak-kneed cowards” in the Republican Party and the “idiots” on the left, in order to solve the liberty erosion problem. So long as that attitude prevails, we’re not even seeing the problem, much less addressing it appropriately.

    The authoritarian mind behind the authoritarian system is neither weak-kneed nor ignorant nor stupid. It’s desperate for power, it loves lies and destruction, it hates you, and it has studied the acquisition and maintenance of power for millennia.It knows far better than most of us can imagine. But it has a profound weakness, a big secret; it’s on the wrong side. Unfortunately most of its opponents are on the same side.

    And who can understand that two opposing sides can be on the same side, like two feral dogs fighting to the death in an alley over a piece of poisoned meat, or two gangs fighting over the same territory?

  6. Dear Sen. Chris Murphy,

    You want European-style gun control?

    You can have it. In fact, I propose a very simple one-step solution, requiring zero action from Congress:

    Move to Europe.

    Just you. Kindly leave the rest of us alone.

    American gun owners.

  7. Looks like Chris had his sense of hypocrisy removed at the same time he got the communist lobotomy?
    It seems to be the standard package deal these days.

  8. Let me translate the BS Murphy is spewing…. “Only WE leftists in power get to decide which laws we follow and which laws we ignore”.

    If the left was so damn worried about laws being upheld the border wouldn’t look like the admission line for Disney World…..

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