Then don’t piss them off

Via Tracey Wilson @TWilsonOttawa:


The first thing I think of when reading this is, “Then maybe you should not be pissing them off.”

But it is irrational to expect others, especially anti-gun people, to be rational.


12 thoughts on “Then don’t piss them off

  1. This chick TOTALLY DOES NOT look demonically possessed. I mean, really, not at all whatsoever.


    • Ya, Scary bitch for sure. I’m beginning to see why they burned them at the stake.

  2. These are the people who will go right up to open carriers – or a concealed carrier who accidentally flashes – and scream at them for making them feel unsafe.

    • They walk around in a bubble of perceived safety (and perceived other things, based on their own mental models of how the world works, or at least ought to).

      When you open carry, and they notice, their bubble pops. They feel threatened (not physically so much as emotionally) and may respond irrationally. This isn’t about logic, it is about feelings. As soon as you leave their perceptual field, the bubble will most likely re-form, unless the person takes some time and effort to re-assess their assumptions and world view. Which is a painful process, so most will find it easier to dismiss you.

      They aren’t mad at you. They are mad that reality just intruded a little bit, and it wasn’t quite what they expected it to be.

    • We’ll have none of that logic and reason HERE, youngster! This is the Internet, FFS!

  3. The corollary, of course, is that legal gun owners also tend to target only those who ask for it – burglars, home invaders, public shooters etc, so that said accuracy is a benefit, not a problem.

  4. “Don’t piss them off”, Indeed!
    But their useful idiot communist, and just can’t help themselves.
    How did Kipling put it; About dogs returning to vomit. And fools burnt fingers, wobbling back to the fire?
    Did you watch how Xi treated Trudeau when last they met? Trudeau is a useful idiot to the real communists. Xi treated him like a homeless junkie begging for money.
    We’re being pushed into tribalism and destroying ourselves on the world stage.
    And defaming truisms are always part and parcel of the late stage game.

    • Robert Heinlein, after his tour of the Soviet Union in 1960 said that Communist [really all totalitarian regimes] governments were run like Mafia families, with bullying to get one’s way the norm and practice. We talk about how the European countries in the run-up to World War One were engaged in saber-rattling. but they were acting like bullies. Xi will respect another bully, which Trudeau is, when it comes to his own citizens. He knows his place in the bigger pond which Xi occupies. Our current Chief Executive looks to this wolf like a feeble, blind, arthritic horse, separated from the herd. We are living in interesting times.

      • Why not? Xi bought Biden years ago. He doesn’t have discussions with Biden. He just has Obama tell Biden what he wants him to do.

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