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Remove all semi automatic weapons.  If we start getting them off the street, in time the criminals will find the illegal ones too expensive and too much liability.  It’s not criminals who are the mass shooters!  #GunReformNow

ReneeFiredUp (@livingjoyful)
Tweeted on November 25, 2022
[If you don’t take anything else away from this, just remember, “no one wants to take your guns.”

There is a grain of truth in this quote. Most did not have a criminal record prior to going on their shooting rampage.

But something almost all have in common is they identified as Democrats or were the children of Democrats. See the updates to this post for the evidence. This should come as no surprise as criminal prisoners who identify as Democrats outnumber all other political affiliations combined by a factor of more than two to one. The mass shooters are just fulfilling their destiny early in their criminal career.—Joe]


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  1. I would argue that very few spree shooters are without a criminal past. The fact that a Democrat prosecutor declined to press charges doesn’t make them law abiding.
    The shooter at Club Q is a tranny with a criminal past.

    The Pulse shooter is a homosexual who bragged that he was part of al-Qaeda .

    The 2017 Texas church shooter had criminal convictions that were never entered into BG check systems.

    So did the shooter in Parkland.

    • Almost all bought their firearms after passing a background check. Which means they were, legally, not serious criminals and/or the NICS check system had a failure of some sort. But you are right, most had strong indicators they were not going to be peaceable citizens.

      • Therein lies the difference between malum en se, and malum prohibitum. Just because you haven’t been convicted doesn’t mean that you aren’t a violent criminal.

  2. Were all criminals. One peak inside the door of a legal library will leave you no doubt.
    Are we mass shooters? Depends on how big the crowd is that’s breaking into my house.
    As for Renee, if one goes to shoot up a bunch of folks who have done nothing to you? You’re a criminal. And not like the rest of us gun owners.
    Does Renee’s attitude include herself? As her policy will certainly get people killed. Even innocent people. Is she then a dangerous non-criminal mass shooter, that needs to be dealt with?
    Don’t forget also that most mass shooters are on some drug/drugs prescribed by? And have had their wild little imagination’s coddled/indulged by?
    As for party affiliation and criminals. Yes, most in jail are democrats. That said, most republican criminals are in public office. And not part of the public at large available for arrest. Even though they should be evening the ratio down on cell block D’s everywhere.
    Poor Renee. If she only knew how easy it is to make a grease gun. She would shut up and become a gun owner herself.

  3. That post also contains the unconscious assumption of a fixed pie. This seems to be common among leftoids.

  4. It’s simple, really. They want you disarmed for the same reason they get moist over murdering infants. They LOVE defenseless victims. That said, look at the way they treat us when we’re armed. Now, tell yourself they’ll be kinder when we’re disarmed…

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