Quote of the day—Handwaving Freakoutery

Ladies and gentlemen of the 97 Percent panel, thank you for letting me participate in the conference today as a representative of the gun community. I appreciate and endorse your stated mission of reducing gun deaths in America by conducting original research to identify common ground, to change the conversation around gun safety to include gun owners, and to leverage technology to make our communities safer. All of these goals are goals that the gun community shares with you.

But I must tell you something very important.

I have never heard a more delusional, more dishonest stream of bad faith bullshit as I have just heard. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Handwaving Freakoutery
November 18, 2022
Ninety Seven Percent: Epistemic status: gun policy fiction based on that embarrassingly awful 97% zoom call yesterday
[Good fiction humor based on a lot of facts.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Handwaving Freakoutery

  1. That was excellent. Wish there was a link available to Siegel’s slides, though. Those would be nice to have on hand….

      • Thanks! Very interesting.

        I’d love to hear others in this forum speak to the points raised in Dr. Siegel’s presentation. In particular the permit system (vs. gun registration). Seems to me like it’s basically the CPL system we have today, except everybody has to participate.

      • Interesting slides. I had not heard before that state purchase permit laws were linked to a reduction of homicides, you’d think that would easily answer the ‘Just One Question’ query since this kind of law has been implemented across several states for decades.

        Pretty embarrassing math error at the end. You can’t claim one change would be an 18% reduction, a second change a 10% reduction and claim both changes would result in 28% reduction since both variables are surely operating upon significant overlap. And if they ARE additive independant populations, 10% reduction from the remaining 82% comes to something more like 26.2%, if my memory of the proper way to do this serves.

  2. Since when did facts matter to gun grabbers. Fiction is almost always more useful to them.

  3. Funny! The fiction is that the cockroaches would have stayed in the room till the end of his speech. They couldn’t stand that much truth.
    American communists are not a very hearty strain.

    • That’s true…and, also, that’s what’s so weird.

      Old school commies were really, really tough, accustomed to hardship, and just might start shooting if the conditions were right.

      Today’s communists puddle up and cry at the slightest provocation, and need safe spaces where they can hold their teddy bears and cuddle. Loud sounds put them into conniptions, so we can only applaud them with jazz hands.

      And yet, today the commies seem to be in charge of everything, and everyone just bends over backwards to accommodate them. One stern glance should send them running…and yet, no one does it. And if you try, the mob will turn itself on you.

      Why is that?

      Something is definitely wrong here.

      • I think it always come down to those that know what violence is, and those that dream it.
        American communists pretty much just dream it. And dream about having someone else doing it for them.
        We on the other hand generally are far more measured in what we do. Because we understand the irreversible consequences of our acts.
        Despite the train wreck that America is heading into/is in. One can still buy bananas in the store for 70 cents a pound.
        Does it suck in America? Start’in to. But we know deep down that once we start “doing something about it”, life ain’t never going to be this good again. And won’t for a long time to come afterward.
        It’s probably why it took our forefathers so long in getting around to kicking British butt 240 years ago.
        We humans tend to suffer, where evils are sufferable.
        And I’m also thinking the “Great Reset”, won’t be exactly what Klaus and Bill had in mind.

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