Quote of the day—Konstantin Kisin @KonstantinKisin

What’s interesting is that the people complaining about @elonmusk taking over Twitter have absolutely no reason to fear censorship, bans or shadowbanning. Their complaint is that other people won’t be censored.

Says a lot.

Konstantin Kisin @KonstantinKisin
Tweeted on October 28, 2022
[It’s not quite that simple. Those people will tell you they fear “hate speech” and “bullying” will intimidate people from having their say.

The thing is that what they think of as “hate speech” and “bullying” are frequently verifiable facts which they refuse to acknowledge.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Konstantin Kisin @KonstantinKisin

  1. Most of these are the same ones that think facts are “violence” if they come from us, and actual violence is “free speech” if it comes from them.

    Thus, they feel fully justified punching you in the head if you say something they don’t like, and doxxing and siccing Antifa on you — violence by proxy, and a clear violation of “community standards” on ANY social media site — if you post something online they don’t like.

    Yet even with all that they still don’t have to fear censorship like we do for the “capital crime” of stating facts, science, history, and SCOTUS precedents.

    If you went back to 1949 and pitched the actual events of the past few years to George Orwell’s publishing house, they’d reject your manuscript for being too unbelievable … and then go forward with the first printing of 1984.

  2. Absolutely, and good thing the communists have no sense of hypocrisy. There certainly would be no save safe space from that if it ever got loose in their brainwashed little minds.
    It’s truly amazing to watch intelligent people that can’t figure out censorship cuts both ways? Or that the system you helped build will not be used against you one day? Amazing.

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