8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—I am the Dan in the box @JakesForLuck

  1. You assume a lot of false things. For instance, you assume you are a cool, cutting edge rebel against the system,man–when in reality you are a cop calling pansy who lies awake at night, shivering at the thought that someone might have more interesting hobbies than yours, which most likely consist primarily of gossip.

  2. As long as the commies keep talking about dick size. And I keep hitting smaller targets at greater distances. Were good.
    (It could be Dan’s statements are an impudent reaction to both his, and his wife’s fever dreams?)

  3. It speaks to the gun grabber mind set that Mr. Huffman has a large backlog of Monday posts.

    • Joe needs a break, too. Thanks to the gun-grabbers, he’s essentially got Markley’s Mondays off. He’s gonna have those pre-programmed until seven years after we hold a very special Boomershoot wake for him.

  4. Invective is a sure sign that the person has reached the limits of their intelligence.

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