Quote of the day—Ed Durr

We have the strictest gun laws in the country, and this is yet another clear example of the Democrats’ open hostility to the Second Amendment and the Constitution as a whole. Protecting public safety also includes protecting the individual right to self-defense, yet Democrats take every opportunity to prevent people from protecting themselves. … Criminals are the problem, not law-abiding citizens who have rights.

Ed Durr
New Jersey State Senator
October 13, 2022
New Jersey poised to enact ‘nation’s strongest’ gun law after Supreme Court ruling
[Durr certainly knows this but doesn’t want to say it out loud. New Jersey Democrats recognize citizens have rights and are deliberately attempting to eliminate the exercise of those rights. They ultimately want to eliminate the memory of them. To them, Nineteen Eighty Four is a how-to book.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ed Durr

  1. “Criminals are the problem, not law-abiding citizens who have rights.”
    Depends on who you’re talking to. Obviously, those in power don’t see criminals raping and murdering their way through life as a problem. Only we do.
    I would posit that if not for politicians. Criminals would stop being a problem in short order.
    The only reason fathers don’t spend their off-nights out tweeker hunting is because of some politician and his police force don’t cotton to vigilantes.
    Political cover ranges from the cartels all the down to the street.
    The problem is Ed is talking TO the criminals. The biggest ones without thinking; Why would they want private citizens screwing up their street operations?
    Soro is one of the only intellectually honest people out there. His open society is all about the locks on your doors. The acts of the people he hires prove it every day. His prosecutors will put you in prison for not wearing a mask. And let a 5- time felon out on his own OR. Smile and wave bye to your cries of injustice.
    No Ed. The politicians you’re in the middle of are the problem.
    Always have been. If you can’t see that? Then you’re the problem too.

    • I have heard it said that the police are there to protect the criminal class from the actions of honest citizens who are thoroughly sick of being the chickens for the plucking by the criminals.

      If the Leftists don’t stand down, they may find out at just what point the middle class flips the switch from “Bend over and take it” to “Kill all the MF’ing slavers who bribe us with a bowl of mush (A mess of pottage to those who went to Sunday School when the textbook was still the Bible).

  2. Democrats want to protect their natural constituency from the law-abiding citizens.

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