Gun rights in flux—the next steps

The mainstream media is taking notice (the Wall Street Journal):

Judges Across U.S. Expand Gun Rights, Taking Cues From Supreme Court — Courts are placing more emphasis on historical traditions, presenting new challenges for defending gun regulations

The Supreme Court’s decision this year to strengthen Second Amendment protections for carrying concealed weapons is starting to ripple through lower courts, with several judges citing the ruling to strike down other gun regulations.

This is just the first step to cementing our gains. The gun culture needs to expand into the new territory. Fortunately, the political left has cleared a lot of obstacles for us. The whole “defund the police” movement helped the BLM and Antifa riots open a lot of eyes. This made gun ownership seem like “a good idea” to many and a near requirement to others. We need to welcome them and enable them to safely and responsibly exercise their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. If we can do this with 60% or 70% of the population, we will have a good chance of being able to breathe easy for a generation or two.


One thought on “Gun rights in flux—the next steps

  1. Your absolutely right, Joe.
    But it’s truly amazing how hard reading comprehension is for a lot of people. The fact that judges have to take cues from the SCOTUS on the right to bear arms?
    What, they didn’t read it for themselves in law school? 2A that too much for them?
    They think there’s some deeper meaning that the rest of us just never could understand? And now some new truth has revealed itself?
    Talk about criminal negligence and criminal intent! And being so void of critical thinking skills? How could one end up a judge in the first place?
    The (NOT), education system in this country needs to be burnt to the ground. Then plowed and salted.
    As it turns out to be more about ego than education.

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