Quote of the day—Holly Sullivan

We all deserve to live in safe communities, but denying ownership of the most commonly owned firearms in the country is not the way to achieve it.

Holly Sullivan
President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League
September 30, 2022
Gun owners, rights groups challenge Connecticut firearms ban
[This is just one of several challenges to the bans of “assault weapons”.

I wish them well.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Holly Sullivan

  1. The Kommiecticut state AG, William Tong has labelled those FINALLY challenging the unconstitutional/intolerable infringements as dangerous extremists that are undermining the safety of state residents.

    No gun law ever passed in the state has done ANYTHING to make me feel safe. If anything, it made me a paper felon and ready to answer any knock at the door at zero-dark-thirty armed and ready to fire at whomever may be out there.

  2. There gun laws certainly worked in Thailand, didn’t they? By a cop no less. Move over Sandy Hook. Gun control strikes again.
    Tong is just another elitist commie-bot. Devoid of any sense of morality.
    Programmed as a roBOT. BOT-an-paid for by some elitist bitch.
    Yes, we wish the Connecticut folks well. They should tell him. Were not going back to anything! Were arming ourselves and moving into a safer future. One where everyone understands the failure and lies of government. And stands ready to defend themselves and what’s theirs.
    That’s the new America, if you don’t like it, move to Thailand.
    Your lies don’t work here anymore.

  3. We all deserve to live in safe communities…

    What immediately springs to mind is the old saying, “You get the government you deserve.” It seems true of communities, too.

    Which is to say — and I’m not victim blaming here — if you’re not willing to take an active role in running or maintaining your community, someone else will, and you might not like how they do it.

    I’m convinced that’s how the public schools got so bad; non-Leftist parents weren’t involved in PTA meetings, didn’t participate in school board elections, and just generally trusted the boards, teachers, and teachers’ unions to do the right thing.

    Sadly, that’s not how the world works. Communities, cities, states, and whole nations are run by the people who show up both to lead and to hold “leaders” accountable.

    I can understand not wanting to be involved; it’s kind of a pain in the neck. I just find myself having less and less patience for people who complain about how bad things are, but aren’t willing to do anything about it. Forget leading for a moment — if someone won’t do something as simple as voting, I don’t want to hear them gripe when elections go a way they don’t like.

    • The default state of Man is dirty, fearful, hungry, sick, cold, wet and oppressed by whoever throws the hardest punch and throws them first.

      Any other state of affairs requires sustained, consistent work on the part of everyone participating. Eventually you get to a maintenance stage where everyone in the high-trust community understands a “social contract”, and you get the best kind of society that the generally accepted behaviors and productivity will permit. If you’re lucky, someone will do something that improves the lifestyle for a few, then for many, then for most, but those gains have to be maintained.

      I think that’s why socialism always seems to spiral back towards the Default State. Generally observed, you can maintain a commune of up to about 300 consenting people, where everyone knows everyone else, everyone knows if you’ve done your work or not, and there’s an understanding of how your labors today determine your quality of life. Also, the communes tend to chuck the slackers out if they don’t amend their behavior from social pressure. Much larger than that, and you get unavoidable freeloader issues, and since the politicals promise you stuff disconnected from your labors, it becomes a race to the bottom of productivity and the downwards spiral to the Default. Remember the unbreakable rule for the politicals in a Socialist experiment: pay the army first.

      As to your point, @Archer, you’re absolutely correct. Yes, the leftists got their hands on the controls and pushed things into a power dive, but their ability to get their hands on the controls is a result of comfortable, complacent people that didn’t show up. Scorpions gonna sting; statists are gonna statist; it is their nature and they can’t help it. Doing a good job is not in their nature, as the evidence of history would establish.

      • “Generally observed, you can maintain a commune of up to about 300 consenting people,…”

        The number I have normally seen stated is “150 people”. IIRC, the actual number that we can personally keep track of varies a fair bit from person to person. I suspect this data point was developed way before tv and mass media existed, back when face to face interaction would have been the primary tool.

  4. Sure, we all deserve to live in safe communities. We also all deserve to have a full 3 years of saving in the bank, and 1 full year of food storage in the basement.

    Who’s going to provide that? We each must, for ourselves.

    The language used is dangerous, and should be curbed – it’s too damned close to declaring these things are a “right”, and we know that’s not so.

    What others must provide for us is not a right.

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