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The research also found that gun owners who are receptive to regulations feel alienated by the current national conversation. They have a fundamentally different view than most gun-safety activists and pro-reform politicians who don’t own guns. Whereas someone like me sees guns as dangerous, gun owners typically see them as a way to keep safe. Whereas I associate guns exclusively with harm, gun owners see them as a tool that can be used for good or bad purposes. This helps explain a widespread conviction among gun owners: that policy should focus on “keeping guns out of the wrong hands,” not on bans of certain types of weapons or attempts to reduce the number of guns in the country. Another survey found that most gun owners believe that gun-reform advocates ultimately want to take their guns away. This belief makes them mistrustful and reluctant to speak out for any reforms at all — the “slippery slope” argument.

Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow
September 21, 2022
Will Gun Owners Fight for Stronger Gun Laws? — A new group, which includes two former NRA lobbyists, is betting on it
[Yet another gun control group. How many have failed now? Yet they keep trying to put lipstick on the pig.

While she has a better understanding of her opposition than most anti-gun people she has certain important “facts” wrong. For example she apparently believes:

Siegel has found that the majority of gun owners support four laws shown to be effective: universal background checks, prohibitions for those convicted of violent misdemeanors, permits for concealed carry, and permits for gun purchases and possession. He estimates that if all four were implemented, firearm homicides would decline by 35 percent.

Technically this may be true. But it is extremely deceptive in it’s wording.

“Firearm homicide” includes defensive use of firearms. Even if it did only include murder by firearm it does not mean it would decrease the murder rate because criminals substitute other weapons when firearms become difficult to obtain.

There are other weasel words and phrases in this claim as well as outright lies which I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

And the last point I would like to make is that she totally ignores the Bruen decision.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

  1. Hey Reba, I got a whole new outlook for you and your friends. Instead of dreaming about giving power-point presentations to Bloomberg, Soro, and half of congress. And thinking people are going to jump all in on your supreme logic and empathy for what we miss-guided soul believe. Here’s a news flash.
    Your logic lands in one of two places. Either citizens carrying gun around to protect themselves from all the commie/criminal morons.
    Or big government packing them around to keep everyone in their place like you see all over the world already.
    But since you can’t seem to figure out there are a 100 million of us. And no matter what we believe. You and your government are just going to have to learn to live with it. Or die swaddled in your own stupid.
    Wrap your little intellect around seeing people carrying guns around you all the time.
    Some concealed, some not. Big ones, little one, all shapes and sizes. All dangerous as hell.
    And you just shutting the f–k up about it. Cause it ain’t none of your business.
    It’s harsh I know. But much more realistic than the course your on.

  2. A famous Democrat Senator from the 1960’s once said, “You are entitled to your own opinion (and implicitly entitled to express it). You are not entitled to your own facts.” — Senator Daniel “Pat” Moynihan.
    A socialist who hated Communists, George Seldes, said, “Tell the truth, then give your opinion.”
    Ms Tuhus-Dubrow, please get your facts straight before you express your opinion. It’s what intellectuals and lawyers do. It’s how they get paid big bucks for their opinions.

  3. She’s a gun grabber. Nobody with the IQ of soap should give a rats ass what she thinks or says. Her opinions are irrelevant.

      • Probably a couple of times. In multiple elections. In several states.
        You know how democrats like to spread democracy these days!

      • Sadly yes. She’s also allowed to drive and has already likely passed her genetic defects along to the next generation.

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