Quote of the day—Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone

Also, only a bro would be into 3D printing illegal guns. How many more symbolic dick substitions must we endure, ffs? I GET Y’ALL HAVE ANXIETIES. It’ll be ok, see a therapist.

Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone
Tweeted on April 25, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone

  1. So, just to be clear, big guns, little dicks, mental problems. Then how would you explain your continued existence in such an environment?
    I would posit a real societal problem. How someone with a Dr. in front of their name and a thought process such as you have presented. Got it though honest means?
    It says much about the state of education in this country/world, or whomever sold you a doctorate.
    And heaven forbid you should have access to a prescription pad!
    When it comes to puberty blockers. Might I suggest you quit getting high on your own supply?

    • From Twitter bio:

      pol theory, postcolony, the end of days, #DemonSperm (Political Spiritualities
      ) Solo mum 3 👱🏻‍♀️, views mine.

      “UoT” is apparently the University of Toronto. So in addition to being about 57 varieties of useless lunatic, she’s also Canadian, and it doesn’t appear that she’s the nice kind.

  2. From her words, I would predict that she has a castration complex, where she wants to castrate men.

    Can anyone prove MY armchair pop psychology? The louder she protests, the more she affirms my diagnosis (That’s how it works with Leftist armchair pop psychology applied to Conservatives).

  3. I was going to ask Dr. Ruth’s (see what I did there?) area of expertise, but never mind.

  4. DR? 😂😂

    Riiiiight. A Sheepskin off a cereal box ad.
    Showin big brain intellect there doc.

    They get more insane Everyday.🧐🧐

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