Quote of the day—Rebekah Sager

The way I see it, the only way forward is not only to have some acknowledgment of the truth, but as Germany has done with its horrific past, I’d like to criminalize denial. That may sound harsh, but I think it’s the only way for this nation to truly progress.

Rebekah Sager
September 5, 2022
The U.S. will never move forward until we acknowledge our past and criminalize its denial
[In other words, she wants to create a thoughtcrime in order to “truly progress”.

In addition to being a violation of the 1st Amendment thoughtcrime is a regression rather than progression. China, North Korea, and the U.S.S.R. performed massive and catastrophic experiments with that. That Germany has managed to survive a very narrow experiment is an exception rather than a shining example.

She should read some books on the topic. I would like to recommend she start with The Gulag Archipelago. Even the publication history would be a good background. But, of course, there is a high risk that she either already has, or would, consider such documentation as how-to material rather than a warning against a dystopian world.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rebekah Sager

  1. Holland has similar schemes, where certain books are banned, and political parties can be disbanded and banned by order of the government. I don’t know the German constitution; it seems to have one, though I can’t tell if it’s honored any more there than ours is by politicians here. The Dutch constitution is crazy, though: it explicitly says (article 120) that no court has authority to judge the constitutionality of any law or treaty. It isn’t often that you get to see a constitution that declares itself to be void…
    I suppose Dutch courts could get around that by using the reasoning of Marbury v. Madison, but I wouldn’t expect that ever to happen.

  2. Who’s in denial? If all she said actually happened on some parallel universe.
    So f–king what?
    The facts are it’s all some communist grabble for power and control. And were to subject what little human agency we have left to this moron for the so called sins of our fathers?
    So, being all the evil whitey that I am. And just am, because I am white. What comes to mind is that it would be much easier to just ship her and her ideological family back where we bought them. As communist, defective, and damaged.
    As for denial? We’re not allowed to have open and honest discussion in this country about what race does what to whom.
    I would point out that she’s the one in denial. But that would buy into the argument.
    So let’s cut the crap, Reba. I won’t deny my racist roots, if you will quit denying your just another lazy asshole trying to steal what honest people have worked for?
    Failing that, whose going to enforce your shiny new criminal code?

  3. So good of her to grace us with her monopoly on the truth.
    So, about that slavery thing, you going to point out the large-scale Jewish involvement with it?
    About that feminism thing, you going to be required to point out the every increasing rates of depression and mental problems that women are having on account of its broad denial of various biological realities?
    About that crime thing, are you going to force people to recognize the reality of the racial disparities in perps and victims of it?
    About that IQ thing, are you planning on criminalizing failure to account for IQ differences when talking about differences in various life outcomes?
    Are you really sure you want the truth? Or just enforcement at gunpoint of your preferred orthodoxy?
    I think we both know the answer to that. We all do.

  4. Remove her from the gene pool. It’s the only solution to the problem these leftists create. As long as we allow these oxygen thieves to exist they will work incessantly to destroy EVERYTHING in the name of their agenda. It is simply not possible to coexist with these insane people and allowing them to survive puts the future of normal people in grave peril.

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