Winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.*

A federal judge has struck down a Texas law preventing individuals aged 18 to 20 years from carrying handguns in public, in the first major court ruling on Second Amendment rights since the Supreme Court recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), which brought the lawsuit here, hailed the new court ruling.

This doesn’t directly matter much to me or my children but my grandchildren may benefit from this in another decade or two.

* It was the Second Amendment Foundation which originally claimed the mission statement after the McDonald decision. But more recently it appears the FPC has been racking up the greater score. It is a target rich environment so there is room for many players to score points.


3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. FPC has been ‘rabidly’ filing lawsuits.
    Not that SAF wasn’t, but FPC has been going bad ass nationwide with them in comparison.
    And, they seem to have those on staff with the legal knowledge to get to the point.
    Of course, Bruen eliminating the tiers of judicial scrutiny has opened the door.

  2. These legal victories are likely temporary. The left has seized power….and will not relinquish it voluntarily or peacefully. Over time they will replace ALL of these judges who understand the Constitution with their sycophants who will then begin reversing all these legal victories. The American “legal system” can NOT be counted upon to protect our rights as long as those who run it can be controlled by our enemies. And as time goes by more and more of our enemies will be perched on the bench.

    • Ultimately it is the attitude of the people that determine the outcome. Fifty years ago when a young man came of age it often came with a gun which had a long tradition going back into the mists of time. In roman times a freed slave would receive weapons as a symbol of freedom. Today, this is no longer true. Instead weapons are no longer considered a symbol of freedom and instead are considered dangerous and it is irresponsible to have them or to give them. And that even applies to toys.

      We need to look at the forces driving attitudes. Besides a few most young men striking out in shootings, we have sufficiently large elements of our society that engage in tit for tat using guns outside the law that drives public attitude. And when coupled with the attitude that guns are dangerous it just reinforces that belief.

      Until that attitude changes we will loose in the long run. It is the culture that matters. And today it is Wokedom that matters. Even LEOs are under attack for using guns.

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