This is what they think of you

I don’t identify as Republican but for those of you who do. This is what New York State Governor Hochul thinks of you:

Gov. Kathy Hochul, who hasn’t proven shy about issuing orders, had one for the state’s Republicans this week — all 5.4 million of them: “Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” she said. “You are not New Yorkers.”

If you can move beyond the frankly disgusting political partisanship and intolerance, her message is fiscally irresponsible, even dangerous. The governor probably already knows this, but the state’s extensive public sector is heavily reliant on personal income taxes paid by residents, and with nearly $14 billion in projected budget gaps over the next five years, it can’t afford to lose any taxpayers, let alone 5.4 million of them.

The Empire State has already lost 1.5 million residents in the past decade, and there’s no sign of that trend letting up. In fact, more than 350,000 New Yorkers relocated during the 12 pandemic-plagued months leading up to July 1, 2021.

I suspect she cares even less for “my type” of people than she does Republicans.

I find it interesting that parasites, left unchecked, destroy their hosts. However some, such as your gut bacteria, evolve into a symbiotic relationship and are kept under control by the host.

This appears to be true at all level from a virus all the way down to communists. Hochul apparently doesn’t know the number of known cures for her type of parasitic infection are limited and don’t involve a long term symbiotic relationship.


4 thoughts on “This is what they think of you

  1. She sounds a lot like she remembers August 1947 and the partitioning of India.

  2. Sounds like she’d like some more illegal aliens shipped up from Texas. This time send them directly to Albany!

  3. I’m only a Republican because I don’t have a choice. Hoghul is a communist because she wants to be.
    New Yorkers just need to figure out that it’s much easier to get rid of the communist and deal with the PTSD. Than move.
    But we should thank her for pointing out how close the communists are to their long dreamed of “final solution” in America.
    And I for one can’t hardly wait to help them out. (Wherever “out” turns out to be.)

  4. I wonder how the state would function with a depopulated hinterland. Like Oregon and Washington, New York is effectively two states a densely populated and politically hard left metroplex and a largely rural, politically conservative hinterland. Cutting loose NYC and its inner suburbs would make the rest of NY look more like Texas.
    Also Florida would gladly exchange Republican immigrants for the current swarm of Democratic carpet baggers, just as I would welcome Calexit as an excuse to deport Californians from Oregon.

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