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The left has never gotten over losing their slaves. Now they just hide their disappointment behind authoritarian central planning.

In Chains @InChainsInJail
Tweeted on August 22, 2022
[Hmmm… that does explain some things:

  • Gun control.
  • Forced “volunteer” public service work.
  • “Free” medical care.
  • “Free” child care.
  • “Free” housing.
  • “Free” education.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. However, it important to note that this is not your father’s authoritarian central planning. We do not have a Stalin or a Mao in charge. Instead it is a left wing mania that has taken hold in a vague entity we call the deep state that reaches into most national governments all the way down to state and local governments, institutions, and, yes, even private corporations. It is the deep state that is calling the shots. It will do what it wants regardless. It is like a billion HALs acting in mind meld, but unlike HAL it will not allow its power to be cut off without a fight nor will it be deterred.

    “We Are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile”

    “Without freedom of choice there is no creativity – James T. Kirk”

  2. The strangest thing about all of this is that there is nothing to gain in any of it. Just like Stalin killing Kulaks. They were just going to keep producing food and feeding his country. Making it that much stronger. They were never a threat to anything.
    As evidenced by how easy they were to murder off.
    And here we go again.
    Sadly, were going to have to be equally as ruthless as they are to survive this time.
    To me the really cool thing is all the windmills they are bringing us. Each one has a mega-watt generator that can be taken down and ran off a number of powering sources on a local basis. Rural America will have all the power it needs. Two of them could power this whole community. With wood-fired steam! With comms and an exchange system life could be pretty good out here.
    Throw in thermal-depolymerization, And life becomes even better than it is today!
    It’s the cities that are going to suffer the most.

    • MTHead, got any numbers on this?
      Assuming the generators are “free” * (find an eagle shredder and disassemble it for the important bits) what are the associated costs for operation as a BTU-powered ground unit, and what’s the BTU input/KW output ratio?

      IF the numbers are favorable, and I’d suspect using coal or NG instead of wood ( aka “labor intensive natural cellulose fuel”) to power the boilers would make it more favorable, we could obtain a better energy input/energy output ratio and have some leftover towers on which we could hang all the idiots who herded us down this civilizational cul-de-sac to begin with.

      * what’s the cost to get the gennie down to ground level and put it on a truck? And, since they have only a ~20 year service life, I’m assuming we ant only the newest ones.

  3. Yes, well if you really want to understand this, then understand that they’ve never gotten over the loss of the god-king status they had in the Dark Ages, which in turn comes down through the previous ages (Roman, Greek, Medo-Persian and Babylonian). Their slave-owning status prior to the American Civil War was but a faint shadow of their former power and glory, but of course they’ll take whatever they can get, and by any means.

    They still enjoy the literal ownership of slaves to this day though, mind you, just not so much in America, and not so much in view of the former Western, Free World (correctly understood as the Protestant world), and so to think that literal slavery has been abolished is to be in error. You only need look a little deeper.

    • Are you claiming the Catholic Church approved of slavery in the U.S. and the Protestant religions all disapproved of it?

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