Quote of the day—Jacob Sullum

Republicans who claim to support the Second Amendment voted not only to continue punishing people for exercising the rights it guarantees but to increase the penalties they face. So did Democrats, despite their avowed concern about excessively severe sentences and racial disparities.

This is what bipartisan compromise means for members of Congress: I will compromise my principles if you compromise yours.

Jacob Sullum
July 20, 2022
A New Gun Law Reflects the Worst Instincts of Both Parties
[I gave up on the legislative process for removing restrictions on our rights years ago. Instead I donate thousands each year to organizations (SAF and FPC) which are getting things done in the courts.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jacob Sullum

  1. The demise of Roe ought to be a cautionary tale about “getting things done in the courts”. If the identities of the black robed tyrants change, then so does the Constitution. While it is hard to argue that the legislative branch is functional, they do reflect the split in the larger culture. And the larger culture won’t change as long as it includes, indeed is dominated, big cities.
    We need the National Divorce.

    • Indeed! A national divorce would be ideal since societies need common agreement on the principles by which people live peacefully together.

      Unfortunately, a national divorce is all but impossible for any number of reasons. It seems to me that we will be forced to fight a bitter and never-ending civil war or that we will step by step surrender to the woke. Either way this country is doomed to never again regain its greatness.

      • All good. But it seems to me that there is far too much coming to a head all at once, for this to continue.
        The green agenda is going is to be making cities unlivable in short order.
        One thing I’ve witnessed in my life is things work great. Right up to the time they don’t anymore.
        This collapse will be no different.
        One day you can buy it. The next day you can’t. Ever again.
        Wither groups like congress are aware of the collapse their causing or not is irrelevant. Someone is actively causing it.
        Soon it’s not going to matter what the fed’s say. Except the ones on your front porch. And their will be damn few that stupid left.
        National divorce won’t be a problem. When government has already taken the black pill for national suicide.

        • You’re right. Collapse is a third option and perhaps more likely and the better option from our viewpoint.

          For the want of a nail, the horseshoe was lost, …

          For example, the 99 tunnel in Seattle was built and financed based on projected use in the late teens. Now with WFH and crime, a lot of people no longer go downtown, so now future income will not cover the payments due. Likewise, for other projects such as the convention center, sound transit, and ferry system. Then there is increasing reliance on green energy along with the JIT consumer society.

          I expect a slow agonizing decent step by step. First economic and depression, followed by salvaging in an increasing dog-e-dog world, and eventually a slow rebirth. Think The Postman only a slower start.

          • The Distributed Model wins again !

            Physical infrastructure is costly in both dollars and days; tunnels, bridges and stadiums require years of planning on the front end, years of construction and decades of user and tax reimbursement to work.

            Some large infrastructure is unavoidable: power plants, poles & wire, water pipes, etc. (despite the constant whining of Greenies aching for solar panels, eagle shredders and composting toilets *) but the day of massive single-use projects is just about over. Living in a city that sits at one end of a bridge that requires perpetual high dollar repairs and upgrades is not a fully sustainable choice; today, perhaps, it works, but half a century in the future?

            *The UK discovered just this week that temps >76-78C (97-100F) cut solar panel output by a third.

  2. Occasionally the Evil Party and the Stupid Party agree on something and pass a law that is both Evil and Stupid. This is called Bipartisanship.

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