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Imagine being upset that a wannabe mass murderer got put down.

In Chains @InChainsInJail
Tweeted on July 18, 2022
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A “good Samaritan” is someone who helps you change your tire on the side of the road – not kills someone.

15 Boxes @HopelessLiberal
Tweeted on July 17, 2022

This was not a solitary response from the anti-gun people. There are a lot of them.

I’m not the first to observe this but these people like to dance in the blood of mass shooting victims. How else do you explain the outrage that the murderer was stopped so quickly by a private citizen?

It doesn’t take much extrapolation to lead you to wondering why you don’t see them expressing any concern about our march to socialism going through a Stalinist phase like the USSR and its deaths of 10s of millions.

Taken at Western Washington University on June 12th, 2022.


I find it hard to believe they are ignorant of this risk. And they even sometimes “say the quiet part out-loud” (lots more here). Hence, I’m inclined to believe they see the deaths of millions of their adversaries as a “feature” rather than a “bug”.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. A big theme I saw in a lot of comments is “this was not a 2nd Amendment success because some good people died before the bad guy was stopped”. That tends to produce responses of the form “so you would prefer the carnage to have been larger?” but it doesn’t stop the flow of crazy.

    • That ‘view’ is what the gun grabbers could scrape together in response. It’s basically: ‘If it’s not 100% perfect, it’s 100% $#!+’.

      That’s what needs to be thrown right back in their face. It likely won’t change their minds, but it gives any rational person that happens to read the exchange, a point to ponder on.

  2. CNN commentators (I happened to walk by while wife was riveted to the set – I don’t watch their crap) were bending themselves into pretzels explaining why a private citizen shooting a bad guy was such a bad idea. They even had an infographic showing that there were X,000 mass shootings last year, but only 453 were stopped by a good guy with a gun, ergo, guns still didn’t help much, even if they now have to admit they help sometimes. A few observations:

    1. Since there’s a threshold for when a shooting becomes a “mass shooting” – any time a good guy with gun (GGWG) stops a shooting before it becomes a mass shooting, then it doesn’t count towards their phony statistic. And the MSM NEVER reports those shootings.
    2. The vast majority of mass shootings occur in gun free zones, so of course the number of such shootings stopped by GGWGs is limited. Duh.
    3. It took the MSM forever to get around to reporting this, and when they did it was like they were holding a dead rat by the tail at arm’s length – they REALLY hated having to report this.

  3. Interesting too that this Indianapolis shooting was also in a gun free zone. There were comments about how the good guy should face consequences for having a gun in the mall. Saw no comments about how bad it was that the deceased mass shooter also was in violation of the gun free zone. I think the response of the mall management injects a dose of reality, even if they didn’t realize it, when they said they were grateful that someone put a quick end to the attack. Gonna make it difficult for a numbskull prosecutor to take this one on.

    • Exactly. Criminals fear average citizens for that very reason. Juries almost never convict them. And the criminal ends up dead.
      Look for them to make the process more the punishment. Like J6 and Rittenhouse.
      The good thing is it brings stark contrast to the communist agenda.

    • There will be no prosecution for Mr. Dicken carrying in the mall, no matter how much the MSM and the rest of the gun grabber crowd mewl about it.

      The ‘no weapons in the mall’ is/was a corporate policy and the only thing that is legally actionable – in Indiana – is when a person is detected carrying, asked to leave by the management….and doesn’t.
      If the police are called, they’ll officially issue a trespass notice and then, if the person still doesn’t get the hint and won’t leave, can then cite, or arrest for trespassing. Few are that stupid.

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