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China is not America’s friend. There is a dangerous sentiment emerging in the U.S. that members of the “other” political party are the enemy. No, Americans are still the best allies for other Americans. If you blanched at the previous sentence, in my view, you have been targeted by propaganda from bad actors and/or manipulated by algorithms or cable news editors whose profit incentive pits us against one another.

The Chinese government aims to weaken the U.S. Its investment in kinetic power is massive (a third aircraft carrier took to sea last month), but it probably won’t match raw American might for decades. So the Chinese press on our soft tissue strategically and play the long game with tactics that offer a greater ROI: IP theft and propaganda. America is most like itself when we perceive an external threat as the real threat, and when we’re optimistic about the return we’ll realize from long-term investments at home: education, infrastructure, research and development. Pessimism is our kryptonite.

Scott Galloway
July 8, 2022
TikTok: Trojan Stallion
[Via email from John S.

Valid points. If you doubt their hostility to the people in this country spend some time talking to someone who grew up there.—Joe]


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  1. We had a poster on our classified area that read;
    Countries don’t have friends, they have mutual interests.

    What most people would understand that is when they do not, countries become competitors or enemies.

  2. So how do we rank as a customer of China? Almost everything I buy is made in China.

    Should we go to war with China we will be in a world of hurt and it is not just with consumer goods. With our focus on diversity with only women and POC being counted, and our lack of emphasis on core skills in education, I don’t see us being competitive with the Chinese at any level. I would also not expect our woke defense systems to carry the day.

    From where I am setting the future is Chinese.

  3. “China is not America’s friend. (Agreed). There is a dangerous sentiment emerging in the U.S. that members of the “other” political party are the enemy. No, Americans are still the best allies for other Americans.”
    Except when they’re actively working for China, Russia, (3.5 million for the big guy from St. Petersburg, anyone?) like Obama makes Joe do. (Not that he wouldn’t want to anyway.)
    One might notice their both getting stronger by the actions of our current government?
    Sorry, communists don’t have friends. As one can witness how fast they throw each other under the bus.
    And those in our country that have been morally subverted?
    Sorry again, enemy.
    As they can, and are going to kill you just as quick as any Chinese soldier would.
    Tik-tok collecting up all the everything internet is one thing.
    But thinking Maxine Waters is on our side is insane. Turn your back on Sandy Cortez to fight the Chinese if you like. But don’t act surprised when you get stabbed from behind. Even if she doesn’t like the Chinese, it hates you more.
    And since she is actively working for them?
    China knows we cannot be beat on our own turf. So they defeat us is from within. So, ya. Lots of enemies in this country.
    And with the So. border wide open. And food about to be a major issue in this country. Tik-Tok is going to be our last problem.

  4. I don’t have a problem with having a united country. The question is how you get there.

    If you have a bunch of apples in a barrel, and 28 percent of them are rotten, you can waste your time trying to make the rotten apples just like the good ones, you can let the good apples go bad, or you can have a united apple barrel by throwing the bad apples away.

  5. If Americans can’t figure out a way to live together, we better all start learning to speak Chinese…


    “China is set to overtake the US in the battle for dominance over key 21st-century technologies. In some of these fields, the US may have already lost the race.

    That’s the conclusion of a new report titled “The Great Tech Rivalry: China vs the US” by four leading academics from Harvard Kennedy School, the public policy school of Harvard University. The authors looked at a number of core technologies that are set to define the 21st century — artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, quantum information science (QIS), semiconductors, biotechnology, and green energy — to see how the US is faring against China in these fields.

    In some races — such as 5G and quantum information science — the report finds that China has already established dominance. In other fields, current trajectories suggest it will overtake the US within the next 10 years. “

    • They did the first to control their people. 5G makes sure everyone gets to work on time. Or else.
      As for “green energy”? (It’s called that because the pollution is baked into the product, So stupid people think they’re doing something good.)
      China is building dirty-ass coal fired power plants faster than you can type.
      The only way your report could come up with that conclusion is the fact that we offshored the building of green energy infrastructure to China. Windmills, solar panels, etc. (So the baked-in pollution stays in China, And don’t forget that cheap slave labor.) Other than that? Their communists. And couldn’t give two dead flies about pollution.
      China is a polluted shit-hole, thanks to communism and predatory capitalism. And much of the place is headed toward Hanford nuclear site status.
      Communist don’t win shit. They only destroy.
      And the Chinese communist party is going to be able to run the world for about twenty minutes before their bellicose BS, over loads their arrogant collective asses. Why? Because they have very few resources. And their communist that think they have a right to steal yours.
      This is how smart are they? They build hypersonic missiles to kill aircraft carriers. Then whip out a bunch of aircraft carriers for themselves. Huh, what? Ya, that’s China.
      And no one is looking at the nuke tipped/powered torpedo Russia is fielding? The one that can just travel around the ocean for a month on its own.
      One underwater burst would sink an entire naval battle group from lack of buoyancy. In seconds.
      China is going the same place the rest of modern society is. Suicidal.

  6. Guess what….. BOTH China and the commie American left are enemies of free America and Americans. You don’t have to pick just one. And the CCP is in bed with commie American left conspiring to do things to destroy our economy, our country and our freedom.

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