Quote of the day—Mark Oliva

President Biden stood on the campaign stage in one of the early debates and said that firearms manufacturers are the enemy; not an adversary, not an opponent, an enemy. That is compelling when our commander in chief views the industry that provides the means to protect our nation, protect our communities, and protect ourselves, as the enemy.

Mark Oliva
Managing Director
National Shooting Sports Foundation
July 4, 2022
Gun Makers Go South
The firearms industry abandons blue states to avoid crushing regulations

[Not that it should be a surprise to anyone. But it is something to keep in mind. This is what the current administrations thinks of our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. It, and those that exercise it, are their enemy.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mark Oliva

  1. He said the same thing about gas and oil companies. But once again. Biden and the communists are not as much a problem, as us. Not getting it through our collective thick skulls that they want us dead, or enslaved so they can kill us.
    I mean truly. Is their anyone out there that believes Joe Biden and crew can change from gas and oil, To wind and solar?
    It’s not feasible. And never will be.
    Just like Joe says about gun control. Show me where it ever worked? In reality it can’t, and never will.
    We know for certain these policies will only bring death and destruction.
    The real question is what do you do, when someone tells you they want to kill you?
    Were in deep trouble here.

  2. He also stood on that same election platform and PROMISED US he would destroy the Oil/Gas/Coal industry. And he’s keeping that promise. Why would anyone think he wouldn’t do all in his power to end the private firearm industry and private firearm ownership.

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