8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mark @mark_melbin

  1. What was that line from that old western?
    “Your all mouth and gut-wind. The thought of a fight puts water between your legs. And when it comes, you’ll wet yourself again.” Or something on that order.
    And Mark. Putting your head up your ass isn’t going to change what’s coming son.

  2. Mark Melbin = brainless, drooling liberal

    Wow, this insulting thing is so invigorating.

    • It’s a tempting little dopamine rush to chastise the outsider, isn’t it?

      The first step in overcoming an addiction is recognizing that you have it.

      Just like laudanum, some people can partake and go on with their lives like normal, and others have a little taste and will never be able to shake off the demon riding their soul.

  3. Why does ben (lower case b to show my disdain) think insulting armed people is a good thing?

    • Maybe because their dick is the only thing they have been around in their entire life that’s stupid enough to not mind playing with them?
      Just a guess.

  4. He left off “Fear of guns = tiny dick.”
    But then what Leftists don’t say is as revelatory as what they do say.

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