Worse than a nuke

There is some truth to this:


Via Director Dean @PrinzPlaymates.

Not all decades of democratic leadership result in Detroit like results.

But why risk it? Just nuke any city Democrats take over.


6 thoughts on “Worse than a nuke

  1. It is a feature and not a bug for the Long March to burn it all down better CPUSA.

  2. We keep f–king around with Russia, and poking the bear. We might find out the hard way!

  3. “Not all decades of democratic leadership result in Detroit like results.”

    Yeah, but it seems to just be a matter of degree as to HOW bad it gets, not IF it gets bad. Democrats always make it worse.

  4. Hmm. That picture of Detroit in 1945 was after Roosevelt’s long tenure as president – and a democratic government that had even shifted to the left. The difference today is striking, and I doubt that even Roosevelt would approve or even recognize today’s democratic leadership. One difference is that Roosevelt was a realist as were most people in this country during the depression and WWII. Could Biden win a WWII with his pronoun friendly army with a watered-down basic training?

    What matters is how realistic we and our leaders are. It is the lack of realism and a moral foundation that is the root problem and today’s leftist are anything but moral or realist. They are true believers and will not even honestly discuss their positions. It’s full steam ahead even though they don’t know the river and the falls that lie ahead. They just dismiss us with name calling. Afterall we are all racists.

    We should think of ourselves as realists and call them fantasists.

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