I don’t see it as a cause for celebration. I view it as the best of the bad alternatives:

As more people get guns and carry permits, Philly sees a sharp rise in homicides ruled justified

Some see increased gun ownership and use in self-defense as bad:

“Guns are becoming too prevalent, whether they’re in the hands of licensed or unlicensed people,” Johnson said. “We’re becoming the Wild, Wild West, and soon everyone is going to have a gun, killing people ― justified or not.”

I think the majority of people realize gun people have been right all these years and are going to give our way a chance.


3 thoughts on “Justified

  1. What a moron. Oh noooos! It’s going to be the wild,wild west out there!
    (Historically challenged moron at that.) The old west was a great place to live. It just needed antibiotics and Ivermectin.
    Sorry Joe, I’m with the Taliban on this one. Justice served is always a good thing. If criminals are getting gunned down by citizens, it’s because government ain’t hanging them like we pay them to.
    And where has our intrepid reporter been as people are being criminally taken advantage of for the last 50 years or more?

  2. As the cops become less inclined to do their job, public safety efforts will return to the public. This was never intended to be an either/or situation, but the cops and their enablers expanded their powers, and restricted the public’s legal rights to handle problems directly. The end results are idiocy like Uvalde.

  3. “Anybody who fired a gun that day should be locked up.” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, in reference to a man with a valid license to carry who had been shot and fired back, killing his assailant.

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