Red flag law memes

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Via Claire Balan @CBalan010611 there is this Did the Supreme Court just deal a blow to red flag laws?


5 thoughts on “Red flag law memes

  1. A soft weak queefy gynocracy society will be annihilated by enemies internal and external.

  2. Or, like happened in Utah. Swat team shows up and gets shot to hell even though Randy is killed in the process.
    Like taking out a 30 million dollar tank, with a 10 dollar thermite grenade. Red flag laws will be far to expensive. Or costly, if you will.
    As not all Randy’s are passivists.

    • “As not all Randy’s are passivists.”

      And Randy has friends who, first, miss him; second, understand exactly what happened to Randy, and; third; are “very much not passivists.

  3. What have we learned? Apparently, nothing or is It is worse than nothing?

    1) Models work. We just need more data.
    2) Tech solves all problems. We just need more data.
    3) Precrime works. We just need more data.
    4) Gun control works. We just need more data.
    5) Red Flag laws work. We just need more data.
    6) Father’s Day. We don’t need that. Actually we don’t need fathers at all. Problem solved!

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