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This is an unfortunate example of a religious leader interjecting himself into a political discussion. I understand that is something tempting to do because we all seek popular recognition, especially at his level. But in his statement he fails to see the irony he creates by assigning an almost evil intent to the inanimate object rather than seeking and healing what ails the souls of those who use the object to commit evil which is what he is duty bound to do. It is the equivalent of blaming the cross for the Crucifixion of our Lord.

Miguel Gonzalez
June 4, 2022
Christian Science Monitor: “Has the gun become a sacred object in America?”
[Via an email from pkoning.

Nice analogy! And he did an awesome job handling the questions of the CSM reporter.—Joe]


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  1. One unfortunate example, and many more to come. As with all things of any value or importance or influence, the leftists (Romans, Babylonians) have infiltrated and corrupted the seminaries and church administrations worldwide. The definition of the beast of Revelation is a conglomerate church/state system of rule, just like in the good, bad old days. There is certainly more to come.

  2. No power structure ruled by humans is safe from corruption. Why would churches be any different?
    In fact, they would be the prime target of satanic based evil. Just as government is. Who could possibly be surprised?
    But in all this, they cannot admit humans are their targets.
    They have to attack the object. No matter how ignorant their argument. The only other argument is to outright tell you they want you disarmed, and dead.
    I don’t know about you. But if someone tells me they’re going to kill me. The fight is on. Don’t matter if I’m sitting on your couch when you say it.
    Their arguments may be stupid. But they’re not THAT stupid.
    Our problem is we have been unwilling to cut to the chase in public. Call a spade, a spade. Then act on it.
    But by the pure nature of the beast, that detent will be ending soon.

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