5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—House Democrats @HouseDemocrats

  1. I fear we will very soon leave that awkward stage where it was too late to vote for change but too early to start shooting the bastards. As Chuck Norris said, “They’d better send bachelors…and body bags.”

  2. Well, they got the weapon of war part right. (Or whatever else I want to use an AR for.)
    Communists wanting congress to use it’s constitutional authority to violate the constitution again? Oh quail surprise!
    Here’s a message they all need to hear. Treason may be nothing new to you dear congress. But it is to the people who finally see you for what you are.
    The 2A is a warning to government of the fatal mistake made in this country before, by absolutist tyrants such as yourselves.
    Who’s agents were pacified for being much less tyrants than yourselves.
    You will fair no better.
    And thanks to the miracle of modern communication. Everyone, everywhere, knows who you are. And your treasonous acts.

  3. “…constitutional duty.”
    Wow! One is given to wonder how many people they expect to fall for that. And on that score, we can now see, pretty clearly I should think, the role of public “education”. Many recent high school graduates might very well have no idea what the constitution says.

    Or maybe they’re following an altogether different “constitution”; one which we’ve never seen. Let’s not completely discount the possibility. Or maybe the only clause, in the entire U.S. constitution, that they accept is the general welfare clause, taken in complete isolation.

    Also, this sort of talk emanating from Congress reminds me of the classroom bully, who sits behind you and pokes and prods, and pokes and prods, relentlessly. Eventually his victim snaps, turns around and punches the bully, hard and fast, laying him flat. I am not necessarily pointing out this concept as a warning to the criminals in government, but to all of us. Likely as not, both the classroom bully and the victim-turned-defender will get in trouble, to the satisfaction of the bully, and possibly only the defender will get in trouble, to the even greater satisfaction of the bully. Less likely is the case wherein the defender is held blameless, and fully exonerated, and the bully held fully responsible for the incident.

    But in our case the bully is someone you’re not fully aware of, and the actors you can see, and know their names, and have “D” or “R” after their titles, are but place-holders working on the bully’s behalf. They’re disposable elements of the greater cause.

  4. Keep it up Democrats. All of this is eroding McConnell’s Republican support for a sellout.

    • I wonder if it was a sellout at all. McConnell is as venal as they come, but I’d never assume he was stupid. And gun control has been a third-rail for the left for years now.

      Was he serious, or was he just baiting them and snickering as they overextended?

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