Quote of the day–UR a Smart Ass, Carl @Ur_a_Smartass_C

Any black person who fights for gun control is nothing more than a tool for their own destruction.

UR a Smart Ass, Carl @Ur_a_Smartass_C
Tweeted on May 23, 2022
[Carl has an interesting story to tell about his conversion from “a young gun control Democrat” to owning a safe (or three, I’m not sure) full.of guns.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–UR a Smart Ass, Carl @Ur_a_Smartass_C

  1. To bad he had to get shot before figuring it all out. But he’s got a good handle on it now!
    The communist problem is the 10 of millions of Smart-asses in America. Lies, rhetoric, fake tears, authority. None of it will work on us anymore.
    Good on him!
    Nice collection!

  2. The issue with the black community(my opinion) is their most influential spokesmen/women have glommed onto the idea that you get more political power and action by portraying yourself as a victim.
    The concept of self determination is unheard of in ‘victim’ communities.

    • It’s not surprising that some think of this as an easier way to make a living. And some high end parasites like Al Sharpton have become quite rich off this scam.
      But yet there remains some hope that a significant body of ordinary people are starting to see through this. A different case, admittedly, but the fact that the Hispanic community seems to be making a large scale shift away from the Democrat party is very encouraging. And Trump got a pretty good support from the black community as well.

  3. Yes, we’ll at some point we’re all tools for our own destruction. It’s only a matter of how much time it takes, and what it takes, for a person to realize it. The tricky thing about evil is that, either way, whether you comply with it or rebel against it, it’s in control of your actions, your thoughts and your time. There’s only one way out of that dichotomy (or dialectic), but the world will do anything and everything possible to prevent THAT conversation.

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