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What psychiatry calls psychosis, the Hearing Voices Movement calls nonconsensus realities. It provides support groups for people with hallucinations and is part of an effort to reform how the mental health field approaches severe psychiatric conditions.

The New York Times @nytimes
Tweeted on May 17, 2022
[While some delusions are functional that is not the way to bet.

I find it very telling that the NYTs is onboard with “nonconsensus realities”. That explains a lot of things.—Joe]


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  1. I work at a behavioral healthcare provider (disclaimer – I deliver the mail :V ), and would like to suggest to these folks that they go deal with someone experiencing “nonconsensual reality” and trying to kill that (hallucinated) demon in front of them (possibly coexisting in this reality with an actual physical entity such as themselves) with a decidedly consensual (and non-hallucinatory) machete.

    Not that I’ve ever seen this kind of thing happen.


    (Almost 20 years on the job, and only had to talk *one* psychotic individual out of a restricted area they forced themselves into; I did manage to explain that Jesus (non-Hispanic, “nonconsensual”) was at an in-service training today, and they needed to wait in the lobby for His coverage.)

    (Although this does open the door “nonconsensual reality” defenses for nonviolent criminal acts. “Well, *my* personal reality says that open-carry of unregistered belt-fed automatic weapons is *Constitutionally mandatory*, so suck it, ATF!”)

  2. With the massive amount of drugs pumped into this country, both legal and illegal, year after year, for the last 50 years. And all they can come up with is “nonconsensus realities”. How about drug induced non-reality?
    As if voting for your favorite reality, would make it real? As in Consesnsus reality?
    As you say Joe, that explains a lot. Like the tampon dispenser in men’s restrooms?
    And the genetically male transportation secretary going home to breast feed?
    Or, let’s going poke the nuke armed Russian bear and see what happens.
    One could go on for hours, but why bother.
    Think they will ever figure out that reality is a dictatorship?
    And the real problem being that it generally sucks by design. So most avoid it whenever possible. (To no avail of course.)
    Whom god would destroy, he first makes mad. Seems to be the operative reality in this day and age. Consensus or no.

  3. NYT: “They’re not psychotic! They just experience ‘nonconsensus realities’!”

    The rest of us: The NYT isn’t lying! They’re just peddling ‘nonconsensus facts’!”

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