Quote of the day—Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler

They’ve banned high-capacity magazines and cracked down on assault weapons. They’ve made it so Californians have to pass a background check to purchase a gun and ammunition. They’ve prohibited buyers from having ammo or “ghost” gun parts shipped directly to their homes.

When it comes to gun laws, California’s legislators have passed some of the most stringent regulations in the country, checking off nearly every box on national gun control advocates’ wishlist.

A mass shooting early Sunday that left six dead and 12 wounded just a block from the Capitol — the very building where these laws were enacted — immediately prompted new calls for legislation to curb gun violence, from California elected officials and gun-control advocates across the nation.

Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler
April 3, 2022
California has toughest U.S. gun laws. After Sacramento shooting, what else can lawmakers do?
[“What else can lawmakers do?” Surrender to law enforcement then write and sign their confessions.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler

  1. Same old same old, “We must end this senseless violence…by disarming the victims thus giving the criminals carte blanche. Criminals deserve a government enforced monopoly on the use of deadly force.”
    When you think about it, it’s right in line with “defund the police”, CHAZ/CHOP, and so on, gong back to the 1960s when police were re-named “pigs”. It’s a war against civilization, specifically against any sort of libertarian mindset, specifically the Judaeo-Christian mindset, specifically the Reformation.

    We must not be allowed to think of stopping the actual criminals. No no no: in response to every crime, we must attack the rights of the law-abiding, and we must do so during the emotional aftermath of the worst crimes. Thus we need more of the worst crimes.

    You have to see it from the authoritarian, anti-American, anti-constitution, anti-Judaeo-Christian point of view though. So long as their lies, distortions and deceptions continue to work, they’ll continue to employ them. Why should they ever voluntarily stop the use of effective tactics?

    Also it appears we have a new definition of “mass shooting”. Now it means a gun battle. Therefore, by the Californian authoritarian definition, any armed conflict is a “mass shooting”.

    I suppose that, since all guns shoot “masses” (bullets have mass), then one person practicing at the range, totally minding his own business, is engaged in a literal “mass shooting”. Same goes for a bowman, shooting a single arrow. So basically everything is mass shooting now. Just remember it when you see further examples of language abuse perpetrated by the Romish left.

  2. What else can they do? What they always wanted to do: the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership in the state of California with a mandated turn in followed with the full force of all law-enforcement and all agencies to go door to door to confiscate all guns by fours and mandating literal and complete total extermination of every single person living in California with a gun.

    Don’t have to worry about the courts. The Ninth Circuit fully supports the complete and total ban of all gun ownership and desires nothing less than that and the literal killing of every single person that lives in California along all the other states they rule over that owns a gun. And the Supreme Court will not take the case. And if they do it’ll be years after they are done killing probably tens of millions of people in California before they even hear it yet alone make a ruling. Don’t expect the Federal government to do anything because they themselves desire nothing less than complete and total ban of all gun ownership on national scale and the literal extermination of every single solitary person in the United States that owns a gun including everyone that would opposed that up to and if need be preferably including the literal and complete extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves. They would rather kill all 330 million people in the United States then for you even have a bolt action rifle.

  3. Well, this is California were talking about here. They can always come up with something waaay dumber than what they got now.
    If anybody can write and pass laws of extreme stupidity? It’s California.
    Maybe they could just declare Sacramento a gun-free open air drug market? That could help.
    Or that shooting white people is no longer a crime? So, nothing to see here, nothing to report, move along.
    Truth be known, people dying in W. Sac. ain’t nothing new. The whole place has been a slum of scum and villainy since gold was discover at Sutter’s mill. This ain’t nothing new.
    On a side note. Wonder if it was one of those Chinese full-auto kits for the AR15?

  4. California and Texas are interesting states to look at regarding gun laws.

    They’re similarly sizes states with similar populations, demographics, and economies.
    For the last couple of decades, California has tightened its gun laws every legislative session. During that same time period, Texas has loosened its gun restrictions every legislative session.
    If gun laws are a primary driver of violent crime and homicide, these states should have significantly different violent crime and homicide rates. But they don’t. They’re almost identical, and have been for quite some time.
    Maybe gun control doesn’t have any measurable effect of crime. Maybe the only effect it has is on the people who follow the laws.



    • Interesting. Given the work John Lott has done (“More guns, less crime”) the outcome I would expect from the experiments you described is that Texas improves compared to California.
      I just looked at the data you pointed to. It’s hard to read because it’s not given as a rate but a total count, but in fact in a number of categories Texas is way better than CA and has better trends, too.

      • If you keep scrolling there’s a second chart that does everything by rate per 100k.

    • To me the major point is not to bother jumping into the lefts game. Why should we be arguing stats with anyone? If crime is higher in Texas or California? It only matters if I live or vacation there.
      Protecting ourselves against violent crime is a personal choice that government has nothing to do with.
      And that’s the answer to all this gun control bullshit debate. What we own is none of the governments business.
      It’s a change in the attitude of Americans that needs to happen.
      On multiple levels.
      Have we not watched the left tell the most obvious and ignorant of retarded lies? Only to watch those lies destroy our society.
      Why are we always willing to engage in debate with destructive retards at all?
      Just like the latest example for the SCOTUS nominee.
      After not being able to answer the difference between male and female. No senator asked her why the people would want someone that retarded on the court?
      Everyone just excepted the politics. No matter how retarded.
      We need to cut the crap. Communism in all it’s forms is retarded. We need to treat it’s adherents to that rhetoric.

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