9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—JoanA (@JABarn76)

  1. One could say; more than your mouth-full joan. Somehow I doubt it would be.

  2. I think that answering a crude, sexual insult with crude, sexual insult rather misses the point.

    • Not at all. It actually helps you demean your opposition. And sharpen one’s wit.
      Joan obviously went to school where there were no bullies. No way to learn how to truly fight. Mental or otherwise.
      One gets beat up for being a smart-ass a few times. One learns to be smarter about being a smart-ass.
      I pity Joan.

    • I disagree. You don’t answer rhetoric with dialectic; you answer with better rhetoric.

      This is the same thinking that people were using when they complained about the Open Carry folks in Texas, that they were setting us back. We had been working for better gun laws in Texas for 30 years and they were dragging us down.

      I disagreed, and I was right. They got us Constitutional Carry on the lege floor in less than five years and passed in less than 10.

      We have a “too polite” problem.

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