Quote of the day—Lee Williams

Dear Gabby, Shannon and Mike,

The instant the first Russian T-80 crossed the Ukrainian border, the whole world could see the uselessness of everything you’ve ever said and everything you’ve ever done. You’ve been overtaken by events – mooted and muted in one fell swoop, so scram. Leave the field. It is time for you and your gun-ban groups to go.

There’s a madman with nukes on the loose who’s just 50 miles off Alaska’s port bow. No one knows how far he’s willing to go, so you’re out. The adults are taking charge. Your services are no longer required. Please take the Demanding Moms and their creepy husbands with you, open a box of wine and have yourselves a good cry. Ukraine learned nearly too late that the right to keep and bear arms saves lives, while the civilian disarmament pipedream you’ve been peddling for decades costs lives.

Lee Williams
March 2022
An open letter to Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg
[There’s more but I found this the best part.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lee Williams

  1. Interestingly enough. Russia is fighting the same enemy we are. Globohomo world order. High priests of the religion of poop-dick, subjection, and greed.
    Of which Gibby, Shannon, and Mikey are up to their nostrils in.
    They might be persuaded by money. Failing that, maybe if their brains saw the light of day?
    But logic, reason, empirical evidence, all that’s righteous and holy? Not so much.
    Firearms are power. And that’s what their master craves. Your power.

    • MTHead; this is especially for you. Take the time to watch the whole thing or you’ll miss some important information. To everyone else; don’t look at this – you’re not ready;

      • They have some very interesting things to say. Thanks.
        To me prophecy is always a wonderful distraction. As those giving it have a macro view. And those trying to point out its times are places to make it logical and relevant. The micro.
        Which always leaves us piecing things.
        Jesus summed it up best by telling his disciples to basically quit worrying. “Wherever your carcass drops, I’ll come get you.” (My paraphrasing of course.) But my sentiment toward prophecy in general.
        And no one except god knows the hour or day because it was always dependent on humans to grow such technologies and systems. To provide the end state.
        This is my favorite part of Daniel.!2-8,9,&10.
        “The words are sealed till the time of the end.” How you going to understand it, when it’s sealed up?
        “But the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand.”
        We may not be totally wicked. But we do have a hard time understanding, don’t we?
        I know this. That while I’m on this earth I’ll have tribulations.
        Wither I’m in the time of great tribulations? It won’t matter.
        “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.”
        Lord forgive me my surfeiting and cares of this life.
        But most of all.
        The lord promised the holy spirit to be with us forever.
        So I am Christian. Death does not defeat me.
        And Lyle, thanks again.

  2. Of course that’s all well and good, but neither Williams, nor you or I, have the power to give such a statement any weight. The anti-rights movement will ignore their own, blatant hypocrisy and continue as though it never occurred to them, or, if pressed on the matter, wriggle their way out of it with the skill of Bill Clinton’s best tutors. They have a mission, and they’ll not let a simple (and despicable) thing like truth interfere with it. Indeed, their ilk believe they have the truth in a firm stranglehold, and so far as they can tell it’s barely breathing. Why on Earth should they stop now, after having come so far? That’s a serious question and not merely a rhetorical one.

    Pointing out to the wrong and evil that they are wrong and evil will elicit very little but a resounding, “Well Duh!” in their minds, and they’ll think you an idiot for believing that merely saying the words will affect them. By all means speak truth to power, but, almost invariably they’ll respond by speaking power to truth!

    Ask Martin Luther, if you want a blow-by-blow account of how this works!, but to do that you’ll have to search high and low for some very old, musty books on the matter. Furthermore, in so doing you’d have to put up with constant references to God, and that will cause many to dismiss, out of hand, that entire chapter of history as irrelevant to our “modern, enlightened times”. Yet Luther provoked a movement which, I submit, led to the eventual development of what we now think of as “The Free World” (or formerly free, such as the case may be).

    And so I suppose that if we wish to understand such a powerful and lasting revolution it would behoove us to understand how it happened, and on what fundamental bases and principles, and to understand also where Luther and the Reformation in general went wrong (to its ultimate undoing) at the Council of Trent.

    If we were as confident as Luther, we might write Williams’ thesis in indelible ink on a piece of parchment and nail-gun it to the front door of the U.S. Capitol. Remember however that Luther was a Catholic priest at first, nailing his theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, and so the analog for this would be a member of Congress doing it, not one of his constituents. I wouldn’t discount the possibility either, by the way.

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