Quote of the day—Steven Kovac

The special counsel alleged that rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide in many of Wisconsin’s 6,875 nursing homes (housing 92,000 residents) during the 2020 election.

When visited by OSC investigators, many nursing home residents who are on record as having voted absentee in the election, were unaware of their surroundings, what year it was, or to whom they were speaking.

Steven Kovac
March 4, 2022
Wisconsin Special Counsel Alleges Massive Misconduct in 2020 Election
[A friend of a friend tells a similar story about what he saw on election day in Philadelphia with nursing home residents brought to the polling place via wheelchairs.

There is a reason Democrats are so strongly against voter ID and other reasonable qualifications for voters.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steven Kovac

  1. The reason Democrats are against voter ID, etc. is misdirection. The problem is not voter fraud, it’s election fraud and it is to be found in the administration of elections by leftist Secretaries of State and county clerks. If the Republicans got their whole wish list, noting important would change.

  2. Like the guy said. If they can put a serial number on every dollar bill in circulation. They can certainly do it for ballots and voters.
    But all this presupposes that we need a bunch of democracy. We don’t. We could easily get away with a 10th. of the government we have.
    And the right kind of people that run for office generally aren’t. Let’s face it. Most of the people voted into office refuse to be guided by the first laws that govern all inside our borders. Violating the very oath they take for the job on a whim. And then were suppose to believe what their passing will be lawful?
    Why do you suppose the elites want democracy for the whole world? And try to destroy those that don’t agree?
    Voting isn’t the problem. Not removing those that are unfit to rule over us is.

  3. There is evidence that the same happened in Delaware.

    Delaware, why would Biden have to have to cheat in a state that he won for 40 years running.

  4. ” Were unaware of their surroundings, what year it was, or to whom they were speaking.”
    In all fairness that does describe democratic voters.

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