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What looked like a major flub during the 2012 campaign — and was used as a political cudgel by Obama — now looks very, very different. It should serve as a reminder that history is not written in the moment — and that what something looks like in that moment is not a guarantee of what it will always look like.

Chris Cillizza
February 22, 2022
It’s time to admit it: Mitt Romney was right about Russia
[See also what David Rutz has to say about this.

How gracious to admit his political bedmates were wrong. Isn’t he a nice guy? I wonder how they got it wrong to begin with?

One might be tempted to claim, “Never attribute to malic what can be adequately explained by ignorance and/or stupidity.”

When the hypothesis of ignorance and/or stupidity is put to the test you have consider that the political left is so much more friendly, and almost reasonable, with their political opponents after those opponents are no longer a political threat  When they are a political threat they are called “Hitler”, “fascist”, “racist”, “sexist”, etc. It happened with McCain, it happened but both Bush’s, it’s a consistent pattern. It’s to the point that they come across as schizophrenic.

But, again, the hypothesis of mental illness of a wide swath of the general population needs to be tested. In my estimation the simpler, and therefore more likely, answer is the behavior is a calculated and deliberately deceptive action.—Joe]


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  1. The key word in that hypothesis is “adequately”. In the sort of cases you describe here, that hypothetical explanation is not in any way shape or form adequate, and therefore the only remaining explanation IS malice.

  2. I will give him a very small amount of credit.

    Very small. But it IS there.

    But he needs to follow up with ‘We were also wrong to push a drooling, senile, pants-crapping old geriatric into power when we needed someone who had at least SOME capability to project strength.’

  3. The thing Obama knew, is that his class has a 30 second attention span. And all they will remember is that Obama put it on Mitt.
    Right ,wrong, hypocrisy? All that’s been removed from the communist mindset.
    And if your intelligent enough to remember? Then the law of propaganda kicks in. You know they just lied. Got away with it. And your powerless to do anything about it. Remember the feeling.
    Now we sit and wait for the next defeat, please.
    There’s only one thing that stops a communist. The powers made it that way on propose. Ignorant, cunning, and unrepentant.
    History is written by the winners. That fact truly works in your favor if your schizophrenic.
    I didn’t actually hurt anybody, OK, maybe I destroyed some communist government property. I mean that’s how the government looks at them, right? As property?
    Anyway, at this point, what possible difference can it make?
    Works both ways.

    • Now, you know they won’t apply that rule to conservatives. They are the adults in the room, and adults are held to adult standards of behavior and consequence. “Well, it don’t make no difference now, he/she are just (insert group for lack of responsibility here) and you can’t expect them to act like adults.”
      It is the natural result of identity politics. SOMEBODY has to be the Adult and take the responsibility when the cloud-cuckoo land plans don’t work.

      This is why anyone who wants to protest while Biden is Presidential figure head he or she should have BLM signs prominently displayed. At least confuse them a little bit.

  4. Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice – Grey’s Law.

    With the Leftist (well, really any authoritarians), it’s very hard to find the difference.


    • I was thinking of once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is intent plus stupidity, and four times is evil masquerading as stupidity.

  5. Speaking of schizophrenic: Antifa got their butts handed to them by the Gypsy Jokers in Portland and then crashed a police news briefing to DEMAND police protection. Milliseconds from “ACAB, Defund the Police” to “Protect MEEEEEEEEE”

  6. Sounds like a distraction from the China game. Just because Putin is acting like Putin, doesn’t mean we should forget about China and their destruction of US manufacturing capacity with high profit prison camp labor. Bad mouthing Russia is just a way to distract the peasants from the dragon behind the smiling panda mask.

  7. Actually, Obama was right. Unfortunately, he didn’t follow through and unwind the Clinton/Bush Drang nach Osten, making it worse with the color revolution in Ukraine. So here we are, facing the inevitable Russian pushback.

    • No. The fact that Putin is scared of having a free country on his borders is not justification for conquest. His pretense that the West wants to attack him is an utter farce and always has been.

      • How does one say, “Activate Operation Gleiwitz” in Russian?
        Putin’s actions bear a strange and strong resemblance to a certain German Supreme Leader in August 1939.

        • People keep forgetting that the 1939 invasion of Poland was conducted by Germany and Russia. What we see today is Putin pulling a Stalin, not surprising given his communist training and terrorist career.

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