6 thoughts on “Sadly, I think she is right

  1. yeah, but after a while they get tired of that and move on. or you block them, and move on. It’s a downside much less problematic than the alternatives.

  2. The cure for bad speech is more speech, not less.

    That being said, if it’s your sandbox, you get to determine who plays in it.

    • I don’t mind paddling my skiff through the sewers of the internet, but normies aren’t going to stick around to watch anime nazis running up and down the hall shrieking the N-word like five-year-olds who’ve learned a new dirty word.

      Jerks drive out productive contributors and it has ever been thus, going back to the days of Usenet and dialup BBS’s.

      • Like old Charlie used to say. “Some things just need to be knocked in the head and thrown in a ditch.”
        And as already been stated, your playground, your rules.
        I’m personally glad Joe is willing to put up with bad spelling, grammar, obtuse rants, and general incoherent babble.

  3. Well sure, if there are only a few sites where it’s permitted, then the “Nazis” will concentrate into those sites. It’s a bit like being hip deep in squirrels inside a telephone booth. It doesn’t require more than a few squirrels. If it were permitted everywhere, the limited supply of literal Nazis (or those who pretend to be literal Nazis – let’s not assume that they’re one and the same thing) would be spread quite thin.

    What would you suppose the swastika waiving, goose-stepping, Jew hating, literal Nazis represent? One in a million people?

    As it is, all the other forms of Marxism and fascism dominate the world. They run the education departments at most of the key universities, they’ve trained the newscasters and your politicians, and own most of the media. They’ve learned that if they merely throw off the actual name (Nazi), and avoid certain other words and symbols, we’ll be stupid enough not to notice them. Then they can and do play everywhere. So long as they’re not carrying swastika banners, calling for the extermination of Jews, or goose-stepping in the streets, no one will notice them for what they are.

    We’ve been trained to think of Nazis as “right wing” and therefore no one on the left can possibly be anything close to a Nazi. They can then run you down with a horse on the street if they don’t like your opinions, and freeze your bank accounts, and force you to carry your vax passport, and that’s nothing at all like a Nazi because they don’t call themselves Nazis.

    And so while we’re concerned about counting “N-word” usage, and we’re afraid of being accused of being afraid of homosexuals (I still can’t understand anyone falling for that), the old authoritarianism is growing apace worldwide and consolidating its power, pretending to be loving and caring and inclusive and diverse and concerned with our “safety” and all the other putrid rot. And it’s accepted everywhere because they don’t publicly use the N-word, avoid talking too much about Jews, and they embrace any kind of weird sex.

    And so I suppose that the real neo-Nazis, and the genuine fascists (Romish authoritarians), as distinguished from the classic stereotypes, have learned to be accepted and embraced just by avoiding certain words and pretending to care about certain issues.

    So now what are we talking about? Of course the dummies will tend to drag every public conversation down to some low level. Most of my technical support responses have been distilled down to a few copy-and-paste responses too, because I keep getting asked the same tired old questions I was asked 23 years ago. Every newbie comes up with one of the same few “great new ideas” he wants to share with me, to help me “improve” my products. So? It’s called helping people learn what you learned before they were born. Get used to it. It gets worse and worse as you age.

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