Quote of the day—Voting Rights is Job #1 @KeepingSunny

There are no good guns. And normal people don’t want their kids around any kind of gun. None.

Voting Rights is Job #1 @KeepingSunny
Tweeted on February 20, 2022
[This is what they think of us and our culture.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Voting Rights is Job #1 @KeepingSunny

  1. There’s your most current example that there are people who are still caught up believing in medieval superstitions, one of which is that an inanimate object can possess some kind of moral agency. Can exert some sort of control over a person. ‘It’s eeeee-vil!’

  2. I’m bringing my daughter, her boyfriend, and his father to Boomershoot.

    I don’t think I count as normal people. But the normal people I tell about my annual weekend of booms all think that sounded awesome.

  3. I’d be interested in engaging Keeping Sunny on this.

    My kids go to school every day, and every day there’s a local policeman, keeping the peace and doubling as a crossing guard. My kids all say “good morning” and “thank you”, and always get a smile back. These police officers are always armed.

    If my kids are in trouble and need a policeman, do I not want that policeman to be armed?

    Extend KS’s logic to other things. I don’t want my kids to abuse prescription drugs. Does that mean I don’t want my kids around prescription drugs, or the people who take them? I don’t want my kids to become alcoholics. Does that mean that I don’t allow anyone to drink alcohol in front of my kids?

    No. The idea is to set reasonable limits. And forbidding my kids to be anywhere near guns is not reasonable. (Should I not send them to school, just because the local school has made this arrangement with the local police?)

  4. Yes neighbors, there are people that moronic, unreasonable, illogical, and malicious.
    Remember, these are the same people that think a senile moron, and a political lot lizard, are a good idea for president. And vice pres.
    That diversity is our strength, (how come they don’t strengthen their own country before they came here?). You can change your gender. and the vaccines work. (For the third time).
    And if we all just do what were told, we can change the weather.
    I would posit that the expectation of something other than such ignorance from his type. Would only show one’s own ignorance of the times we live in.
    Just as most people in Hollywood will tell you they’re against violence, ruff sex, and guns. Wait, what, huh???
    One must always remember it’s a zoo we live in now. Please kids. Stay away from the monkey gage. There’s no place to wash up, and we didn’t bring you any extra clothes to change you.
    And that not all clowns are fun. They’re really just painted up tweekers.

  5. Well of course the assertion is false, that is, unless “Voting Rights is Job #1 @KeepingSunny” is some kind of engineering genius who just hasn’t quite yet demonstrated to the world his prowess in gunsmithing.

    The name says otherwise however. Anyone in America who says he’s fighting for “voting rights” (rather than election integrity and regular 3rd party audits) is certainly a fraud. And so I suppose we could quote frauds all day every day and not learn a whole lot from the experience. Our problem has more to do with the question of how to get rid of those large numbers of frauds who hold title, station, and office, and who confederate deceptively.

    I have several good guns, a few OK guns, and a few bad guns, but some of that categorization is personal choice. Let the buyer decide what is a good gun or a bad gun! If he chooses wrong, he can always sell it or trade it off to someone else, or give it away.

    My Guns, My Choice!

  6. I love the fact that this person was so terrified of this “gun” which they did not understand at all (it was a pellet gun) that they took it out of the closet where their unattended 2yo was playing to lay it out on the ground.

    Obviously no Eddy Eagle involved with them. If you find a gun, don’t touch it, leave it alone and find a responsible adult. That 2yo didn’t find any responsible adults in that rental.

    • Yep, THEY put it within reach of the child, but it was actually the fault of whoever had put the pistol high up and hidden from view.

  7. Normal according to whom?

    The way I grew up, acceptable gun-related opinions ranged from “ban them” (rare) to “Those are for the wrong kind of people” (super common) to “raging Fudd” (rare, and as accepting of firearms as it got).

    Clearly I turned out wrong.

  8. “There ain’t no good guns,
    There ain’t no bad guns.
    You’re just crazy and we just can’t agree. ”

    My apologies to Dave Mason, who got it wrong when he sang about no good guys or bad guys.. Our disagreement with Sunny runs deeper than disagreement.

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