Quote of the day—Congress of the United States

We would urge that you consider rescinding the proposed regulation that would require FFLs to preserve firearm records older than 20 years. Indeed, the evidence provided by ATF thus far demonstrates that such records likely have little utility in prosecuting crime, yet raise serious concerns about whether ATF is creating a prohibited national gun registry.

Congress of the United States
Signed by 36 members of Congress
Letter from Congress to the ATF
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We live in interesting times. Prepare accordingly.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Congress of the United States

  1. There are over 133,000 FFLs, according to the ATF. There are about 3,500 ATF agents. That means that each ATF agent would have to survive 38 raids.

  2. Old 4473 forms are supremely useless as was proved during the hunt for the Son of Sam killer. The gun was unusual. Numbers were limited and all had passed through FFLs. Yet the BATFEIEIO was unable to locate Sam.

  3. The framing of this as a Biden administration problem is a red herring. They didn’t suddenly appear during his administration, nor have the plans, if they exist, to use them to hunt down gun owners.

    And that is the real problem, and why 18 U.S.Code § 926 was enacted, though it didn’t go far enough.

    For sure, at the very least once a sale is approved, form 4473 should disappear and not be kept, and it would be even better if such a form were not required at all. As the old saw goes, ATF works better as a corner store rather than a goverment agency.


  4. With that list and $5. They can get a cup of coffee before getting their ass shot off.
    We keep forgetting who were talking about. This is BATF/LGBTQ/FBI. (add whatever letters you want to the list.) Their not hired for their IQ. (Chipman anyone?)
    If they have a 4473 on a transaction. The transaction was legal. Right?
    And if they’re finally able to coordinate all that info into useable system to do what?
    To get a final number on what it’s going to take to confiscate guns? Thats a good thing. Cause once you look at 75 million hardcore gun owners.
    All their going to hear is. We don’t have enough nukes to pull it off.
    And were all supposed to believe they don’t have that info correlated somewhere already?
    If you buy ammo somewhere with a credit card. Chances are you own a gun. Or you know someone who does? They even know what caliber it is.
    Buy reloading supplies? Now your on the real bad boy list.
    This is just testing outrage. Or they really are that stupid?
    Probably both.

    • Hell, that’s probably why they can’t find and director for the ATF.
      Imagine the interview: You want me to do what? And then you want me to do WHAT?
      You do know these are people with guns were talking about? Yaaaa, got anything over at department of education? It seems more suited to my skill set.

    • Based on past public statements about the challenges of firearm tracing I have reason to believe they’ve gone right up to the line of 18 USC 926(a) and mostly held to it. I don’t think their PR flacks are that good at keeping a secret.

      As to being on lists, I hold an FFL03, gone the NFA route, reload, done multiple purchases, been denied by NICS and even had the BATFE in my house investigating stolen firearm parts and they’ve handled my unserialized firearms with said parts attached. I’m not on a list; I’ve got neon lights surrounding my name with a number of alphabet agencies and I’m still here to talk about it!

      And I’m a naturalized citizen to boot having done a lot of the aforementioned as a permanent resident. Plus I’ve been to Boomershoot. Several times. Hell, I might as well be this side of extremist militia given my resume with the FBI. Then again, I’m a long time member of the Quantico Shooting Club, shot on military ranges and have base access courtesy of the US Navy. So which box do I fit into?

      Sure I might be an obvious target but I, like most gun owners, am boring and law-abiding. I pay my taxes, live my life and keep to myself. No threat to anyone. The FBI and BATFE clown show aren’t going to be coming after people like me. Or they might and then come after the people who are more likely to shoot back once they realize average Americans are being rounded up.

      So I don’t care who knows. I’ve had a target painted on my back with so many government agencies I’ve lost count. Why hide?

      • Exactly Matt. And I bet after watching all that’s gone down lately. Your mindset is to just turn in your guns, and go to the gulag peacefully when Biden orders it, right?
        Let me guess, you get a wicked grin on your face, and grunt a little chuckle at the thought of it all?
        Thats the communist’s real problem.
        Welcome to being a real American. Thanks, your what God made this country for. People with a backbone.

  5. Many years ago, Mike Vanderboegh once commented that the only reason he didn’t want the ATF summarily dissolved was because its functions might wind up in the hands of the FBI, and he was worried the feebs would be more competent.

    I wonder what he’d say now, what with how stupidly corrupt and incompetent the FBI has turned out to be.

    • My answer to Mike is that the FBI’s constitutional status is exactly the same as that of the ATF: prohibited.

  6. Here is the functional and explanatory clause of our age;

    ”We would urge that you consider rescinding…”

    Who is being recognized, by that sort of wording, as being in charge? Who is being asked to make the decision? The considering (of rescinding) is being presented as an option. Who is recognized as having the option? Who is the beggar on his knees and who is the master?

    If no one is wielding the full authority of our founding principles and constitution, then surely some other master is being served.

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