Quote of the day—Keith Powers @KeithPowersNYC

We owe every New Yorker a promise of a gun free city.

Right now, we are failing at this mission.

I am ready to work with any leader that believes — like I do — that the presence of illegal or legal guns is an existential threat to the safety of others.

Keith Powers @KeithPowersNYC
Majority Leader – NYC Council
Representing Manhattan’s East Side
Tweeted on January 21, 2021
[There are no illegal guns. There are only illegal politicians.

Enjoy your trial Mr. Powers.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Keith Powers @KeithPowersNYC

  1. “We owe every New Yorker a promise of a gun free city.”

    No, you don’t. You DO owe every New Yorker a CRIME-free city, unattainable as that is.

    The two are not congruent.

    Political promises are worth the paper they’re printed on, and inanimate objects are not at fault for anything.

  2. ”…the presence of illegal or legal guns is an existential threat to the safety of others.”

    True. That’s why we own guns for self protection. It’s for the express purpose of creating an existential threat to the safety of violent criminals. Same as when police carry guns. The one and only reason they carry them is to threaten the safety of those who insist on violating the laws.

    So, a criminal has guns to threaten people’s safety, and so do you, the law-abiding. They’re saying that there is no moral difference, and the left cannot acknowledge the difference between the two, otherwise their whole paradigm falls to hell. It’s not merely that they don’t want to acknowledge a difference. They literally cannot, for to do so would be to admit that their preferred system, their world view and their whole alliance, is a criminal enterprise!

    And so what is K Powers and the Romish left saying here, with “illegal OR legal guns” being a threat to the safety of “others”? They’re saying that they’re unwilling to acknowledge a moral difference between the criminal and the defender. And we see this time and time and time again. This is why they’ve launched multi-generational campaigns against the very concept of policing, for one thing. It is the fundamental tenet behind the wholesale, coercive redistribution of wealth which all leftists approve and support. It explains why, when an obvious, serial, violent offender ends up being shot by police, the left is personally offended.

    This inherent criminal tendency, and the resultant emotional bonding with criminals, and natural defense of criminals, is in fact, officially, a papal doctrine. In Rerum Novarum and in the recent Fratelli Tutti it is said that it “would seem not to be a sin” if someone needed something of yours and decided to steal it, even by force. Global redistribution is indeed very much on the agenda of popery, and using the pretense of anthropogenic climate change to bolster it is a well established, official, papal methodology and doctrine.

    In order to violate the rights of all humanity, en masse, by government decree, it is necessary to have an indictment to go along with it so as to justify the violation. And so we need to understand the big picture of where this originates and where it is going.

    Global redistribution and gun rights are inextricably linked together, by the same accusing powers and indeed by the same indictments. Individual freedom of conscience is all very well and good, they will say (in fact Rerum Novarum gives the best case for liberty that I’ve ever seen) BUT NOT WHEN IT THREATENS THE SAFETY OF ALL (or in other words, never).

    You may have what you call your rights, of course— The left understands those rights in every detail and can articulate them far better than you can, BUT NOT NOW! And not ever (because reasons, and they’ll never run out of reasons).

  3. Mr. Powers doesn’t realize that New York was the national guinea pig for gun-control, does he?
    Common sense told most that gun control was a bullshit lie. But New York proved how useless the proposition was in the 60’s. And has continued to do so until this day.
    New York is empirical proof the concept failed. And failed in the most obvious manner. Only an educated, demoralized, communist moron could miss it.
    At this point it’s truly comical to listen to.

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