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Minecraft builder “Sammyuri” spent seven months building what they call the Chungus 2, an enormously complex computer processor that exists virtually inside the Minecraft game engine. This project isn’t the first time a computer processor has been virtually rebuilt inside Minecraft, but the Chungus 2 (Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit) might very well be the largest and most complex, simulating an 8-bit processor with a one hertz clock speed and 256 bytes of RAM.

Michael Crider
December 15, 2022
This 8-bit processor built in Minecraft can run its own games
[Computer simulations will someday have simulated characters building simulations in their simulated world. It may have already happened—a few decades ago.—Joe]


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  1. That reminds me of two other computer constructs: one is the engine constructed in the Log4j attack; the other is the abstraction (“Rosetta”?) used in a concept for how to make algorithms or computer data accessible for many centuries.

  2. Further evidence that our existence may just be a simulation in a larger universe….

  3. Speaking of “computer simulations simulating characters building simulations in their simulated world”;
    In the sense that The Matrix is a fabricated world in which people exist without knowing they’re living in a fabricated world, the majority of the human race has been living in the matrix, mentally and spiritually, for thousands of years. It’s what I detailed earlier regarding Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Neverland. To the extent that we live in an imaginary world governed by imaginary leaders with imaginary rules, laws of nature, standards and morals, and having an imaginary history, an imaginary future, and even imaginary science, we ourselves have been the simulations simulating characters building simulations in our simulated world. But of course it’s all in the mind and therefore doesn’t require any technology, per se. Computer technology merely allows us to do faster, and more efficiently and convincingly, that which we’ve been doing all along.

    How’s that song go?
    “Come with me
    And you’ll see
    A world of pure imagination…”

    And they’ve been teaching this rot to kids for generations;
    “When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires
    Will come to you

    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do”

    (This is Disney, folks – They were promulgating this shit, big time, when I was kid in the 1960s, so you know it was around well before then)

    “Fate is kind
    She brings to those who love
    The sweet fulfillment of
    Their secret longing”

    (Here we’re introduced to a she-god who can grant you any of your “secret longings”)

    “Like a bolt, out of the blue
    Suddenly it comes in view
    When you wish upon a star
    Your dreams come true

    When a star is born
    They possess a gift or two
    One of them is this
    They have the power
    To make a wish come true…”

    And it repeats, to drive the point home.

    If you dig into the origins of the Jesuits, and Loyola’s “spiritual exercises” and suchlike horseshit, you realize that these lyrics are very much of a Jesuit nature. That in turn goes to ancient pagan religions starting way, way back. It’s also in perfect harmony with Luciferian thinking, and is equally consistent with the political “left” as we call it. It permeates all of modern globalist culture and “woke” doctrine as well. Note that we’re often being asked to “re-imagine” this or that aspect of the foundations of society, as though all you need is an active imagination and you can re-make a functional society out of another, like changing your clothes! Furthermore; the mindset is as though our societal foundations, laws and rules of conduct were nothing but the products of mere imagination to begin with! Again; it’s all very Loyolan in nature. It’s consistent with the musings of Karl Marx as well, regarding the notion that good and evil are nothing but constructs of the human imagination, and are therefore subject to being re-imagined at will, thus satisfying our “secret longings”.

    • I think you might be confusing cause and effect. Remember ‘newspeak’ from 1984?

      If they can distort the language sufficiently, people will not understand what the words mean.

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