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It appears his empathetic and angry subroutines were out of phase and that caused his algorithm to move to the confused and exit subroutine.

Jeff @jeffcampbell64
Tweeted on December 21, 2022
[Regarding a video of President Biden.

That’s one hypothesis. I’m certain there are others which have a higher probability of being correct. Still, I LOL’d.


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  1. These days an exception is throw and caught. Or not caught. The program crashes and diagnostics are sent to the mothership.

  2. Someone opined elsewhere that when you see a person with dementia start this ‘yelling at the cloud’ business seemingly out of nowhere, it’s because they’ve learned from the past experience that the adrenaline rush makes them feel better.
    Now, it’s almost an autonomic response

  3. That’s Funny!
    I keep waiting for him to start ripping off his human skin to reveal the alien lizard underneath. Screaming, I can’t take it anymore!

  4. Yes, well, again, we can laugh at the “stupidity” or any of the various process failures of individual authoritarians, but their hive is quite intelligent and effective, and it is winning in the long run. So let’s no get too cocky, nor too confident that their apparent mental problems will cause them to fail in their collective quest for absolute power.

    Some people can lie easily, and relish in evil, but for others, lying for evil, always having to remember when to remain in character no mater what, eventually takes its toll on them.

    Anyway, et us never look to them to solve the problems they’ve been working tirelessly for generations to create!

    Who is it that’s been slowly taking over the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and health insurance, using regulatory capture, etc., thus running up costs (i.e. who has created this highly false economy in health care)?

    Answer: Democrats and Republicans.

    Chew on that for a while. That statement in the video could just as well have been recited by Donald Trump (though perhaps more competently, but that doesn’t matter). Don’t make me pull quotes from his inaugural speech to prove it. You all can do that for yourselves.

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